30 July 2003



One of the risks I have in my present job is drinking. Working in a liquor company, part of the job is going to bars and events. Frankly, I do not drink. Drink alcohol, I mean.

Last night was something else. We had a private event in Chinatown for loyal scotch drinkers. Since I was the first one there, the guests kind of sat down where I did. I offered to go to another table to make room for them. They didn't want me to move. It's as if I was automatically inducted to their circle. They were truly a nice bunch of people. They even showed me their private phone pictures of Kristine Hermosa and Aubrey Miles. To bad my phone wasn't capable of downloading them. To make a long story short, I think I consumed about three quarters of a bottle of Chivas Royal 21 year Scotch whisky.

We brought three cases!

From what I remember, I went to one of the private rooms. And stayed there during the remainder of the event. The Chivas Girls (thanks Jenny and Michelle) went in and gave me company whenever they have the time to sneak in. I also remember my office mates coming in and telling me that my newly discovered drinking buddies were looking for me. Although I was way past drunk, I still have a modicum of control of my faculties. I could remember all the conversations I had then, the things I did, the people I met.

What I hate is when the alcohol just travels through my system. It was as if, I could just combust spontaneously. The dreams I had last night was just out of a page of a Poppy Bright story. Ambiguous, weird, and down right nerve wracking!

The six words that gave me joy that night was when Mike (my boss!) came in and said, "Let's pack up and go home!". Suddenly, clarity.

Anyway, I think everyone in the office is talking about me now, how I went toe to toe with the veteran drinkers and what happened.

I'd like to thank Raj for helping me get home. I just met the guy but man! He's a true soldier. From what I remember, after there, he even had to go to a Grey Goose Vodka event. If I didn't spaz out, he's got my back there...

I think I recovered already.

Oh yeah... Where am I?

29 July 2003

Doc Ock


Yup, it's Doc Ock alright. He lost a lot of weight! Thanks to Moviepoopshoot.com for the image!

28 July 2003

dotPH - The Official Domain Registry of the Philippines

FREE dotPH Domains

"Get a FREE 5 year domain from dotPH

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To prevent domain hoarding, dotPH requires that free domains be used by their registrants. You are requested to register ONLY when your website is nearly ready, or if you intend to use your domain to receive email.

In light of this, in order for the domain to remain free, you must either
1) have at least 90 unique visitors to your website every quarter, OR
2) avail of dotPH Mailforwarding, OR
3) avail of dotPH Webhosting."

OK, what is not included here is that this is open for the Philippine community. And that the domain name must be AT LEAST 18 Characters.

Two ways to get the dotPH account if you live out of the country.

First, click on the link above (It's the title of the post)

I. Get someone to register for you here.

II. Register from wherever you are.

1. I don't know know if the IP address is monitored or not but chances are, I don't think so.
2. A friend who lives here in the Philippines, and has a cell phone is a must.
3. Go to Yahoo or MSN Messenger and chat with your friend who lives in the Philippines. If you know of people living here, drop them an email or advice them when you can go on line together.
4. Once both of you are online, do the registration process. It will come to a point where you have to SMS from a cellphone the registration code. Ask your friend to this.
5. Voila! You have a domain name free for five years!

27 July 2003



OFF TOPIC: As a favor please click on this link. It will still bring you back to this site but I just need to collect 90 hits to qualify to get the domain name, www.organizedconfusion.com.ph for free. PLEASE?

So at 9:52pm, the President happily announces that the siege is over.

The bombs around the area are one by one being dismantled. One thing wierd is that the Magdalo group, although they have "stood down", are still wearing their red armband.

It's as if nothing came out of all this except coverage in the news agencies around the world. Around 7pm, the local channels stopped covering the situation and only show "old" footage with their hourly updates. I wasn't sure what the hell happened. Last time, I saw soldiers on the street adding more bombs around the area (they were setting up C4 explosives in and around Oakwood). Then suddenly, the President is on air, all smiles, saying it's over.

What the heck happened between 6:40pm and 9:52pm?! I was relying on INQ7 for updated news but all they were posting were Agence France reports which are not local but international news agencies. Whitewash? Conspiracies?

Trillanes is in the phone with GMA7. He says they were ready to fight to the death but changed their mind after talks with the negotiators and the number of soldiers outside waiting to fight them. He says that they have won a moral victory and have planted the seeds to bring the AFP to it's former glory. Also, we get the form of government and leadership that we deserve. Well, 'nuff said.

Honasan, Enrile, and Estrada were not implicated and are not even talked about anymore. Angelo Reyes was on the phone on GMA7 (THE only credible news station, IMO) really pissed because early on, he was pointed at for selling weapons to the enemy. It seems, he is the only one that might get the shaft. Funny, the rebels have negotiated for their release (?) and the Defense Secretary is now painted as the bad guy.

ABS-CBN 2 (the OTHER news station), the way I understood it, is just trivializing the fact that the meeting point of the Magdalo group is or was owned by former president Joseph Estrada. They seem to just imply that it was a coincidence. Now you know why I don't watch news there.

Ahh...The Philippines... I'm too tired right now. Probably will post my thoughts tomorrow...

Do check my previous post regarding the personalities I have talked about here.

INQ7.net - Running Account of Military Situation in Makati

OFF TOPIC: As a favor please click on this link. It will still bring you back to this site but I just need to collect 90 hits to qualify to get the domain name, www.organizedconfusion.com.ph for free. PLEASE?

I also included a partial list of the cast of characters in case you get confused with who's who...

Please read the previous post about, I guess, a news blackout on the whole mess.

10:09pm Army chief to fetch and escort mutinous troops
10:06pm Mutinous troops defuse bombs, clear Oakwood 'booby traps'
10:02pm Abaya: Rebellion quelled but many issues still to be resolved
09:53pm It's over, Macapagal says of Makati crises
09:52pm President Arroyo announces on TV that 296 soldiers are "standing down" and are returning to barracks. It's really over now.
09:51pm Macapagal set to issue a policy directive on Makati siege
09:50pm For the first time, I'm hearing police sirens in the background. GMA News is back and confirmed the previous report. I guess it's over.
09:46pm It's return to barrack for mutineers - I'll have to confirm this on account of the "news blackout"
09:41pm Rebels: No to court martial proceedings for mutinous act
09:24pm Communist Insurgents cheer mutinous troops
09:13pm Abaya back in Palace
09:08pm Spain's Aznar condemns mutiny
09:02pm Ricciardone sees Makati siege ending peacefully
08:49pm EDSA Shrine ablaze with lighted candles
08:43pm Rebel officer's ma wants him alive: Palace
08:37pm Cimatu, rebels locked in talks
07:59pm No classes in many schools in Metro Manila
07:51pm Talks ongoing, deadline 'automatically' extended: Biazon
07:49pm Rebels want Reyes, Ebdane and Corpus to step down
07:38pm Biazon: more time needed for talks with rebels
07:31pm Oakwood employees leave establishment: management
07:16pm Macapagal to decide on new extension after Cimatu report
07:06pm Palace mulls another extension on rebel deadline
06:53pm No agreement reached between rebels, gov't
06:53pm Anti-riot police marching near Oakwood
06:48pm Three officers, 19 soldiers yield: Ramos
06:33pm Reyes open to probe by independent body on rebel charges
06:31pm 'Back to barracks' not 'surrender,' suggests bishop
05:59pm Rebels plans hastily conceived: ex-president Ramos
05:38pm Biazon mum on 'terms of surrender'
05:32pm Authorities uncover Magdalo operation center
05:24pm Pro government troops in Makati 're-aligned'
05:19pm Honasan, Colonel Danilo Lim arrive at Oakwood to talk with rebels
05:15pm 60 surrendered rebels brought to camps for 'processing'
04:58pm Palace reversal: two-hour extension
04:56pm 'We are not terrorists': rebel captain
04:52pm President: no extension
04:50pm Rebels reject ultimatum to surrender
04:47pm Rebel officers express willingness to negotiate
04:45pm No word from Palace on extension of deadline
03:39pm General: more than 50 rebels surrender
03:25pm General embraces returning rebels, shields from media
03:13pm Rebels returning to gov't fold
03:06pm Rebels march out of Oakwood apartment building
03:03pm Estrada lawyer says he'll still push through with contempt motion
02:59pm Estrada back at VMMC, says lawyer
02:55pm Cardinal Sin: rebels 'enemies of our peace'
02:22pm Guingona: mutineers' demand legitimate
02:19pm Biazon says rebel group softening
02:07pm Government forming negotiating team to talk to rebels
01:47pm Presidential aide: declaration allows warrantless arrests
01:39pm 5 PM deadline not affected by rebellion declaration
01:27pm Bunye: State of rebellion is nationwide
01:23pm President directs military to suppress the rebellion
01:21pm President declares state of rebellion
01:17pm Gov't troops continue to pour into Makati
12:43pm Military: only 'sufficient force' vs rebels
12:36pm Residents of Makati high-rises leaving
12:25pm Estrada moved to Camp Aguinaldo under 'vigorous protest': lawyer
12:17pm Gov't opening back-channels to rebels
12:06pm Rebels dig in, say they will ignore ultimatum

To top it all of 2:35pm, it starts raining.



Abaya, Narciso: General ,ARMED Forces Chief of Staff
Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal: Current Philippine President
Aznar, Jose Maria : Spanish Prime Minister
Biazon, Rodolfo: Philippine Senator (ex-Gen - Philippine Armed Forces); Negotiator
Bunye, Ignacio: Press Secretary
Cimatu, Roy: Philippine Ambassador (ex-General of the PAF)
Corpuz, Victor: Brig. General Intelligence of the Armed Forces (ISAFP) chief
Defensor, Mike: Cabinet Secretary, Negotiator
Ebdane Jr, Hermogenes: Philippine National Police Director General
EDSA Shrine: Church built along EDSA Avenue, past venue for protests
Enrile, Juan Ponce: Ex-Senator; suspected coup plotter
Estrada, Joseph: Ex-Philippine President
Golez, Roilo: National Security Advisor
Gordon, Richard: Tourism Secretary
Guingona, Teofisto: Current Philippine Vice President
Honasan, Gringo: Senator; leader of 1989 failed coup; suspected coup plotter
Lim, Danila: Colonel, PAF; Negotiator
Lucero, Danilo: Lieutenant Colonel ; member Magdalo group
Magdalo: Name used by rebel soldiers
Oakwood: 1st Class Apartment/Hotel used by rebels as headquarters

Paguia, Alan: Estrada Lawyer
Ramos, Fidel: Ex- Philippine President (ex-general PAF)
Reyes, Angelo : Philippine Defense Secretary
Ricciardone, Francis: US Ambassador to the Philippines
Sin, Jaime: Cardinal of the Philippines
Trillanes, Antonio: Navy Lt. Sr. Grade ; one of the leaders of the Magdalo group


Well, it seems that everything is a-ok now. These are idealistic soldiers but as long as we, the apathetic majority , let corruption go on, nothing will change. There can be a lot of expose's and a lot of whistle blowers but it will all be for naught since nothing will ever come out of it. It is very frustrating but what can we do?

What can we do?


I was wrong. It's not over yet. Let the circus continue. Isn't it funny to see soldiers hunch down for cover while civilians galavant around them as if asking for a shot in their head.


There seems to be a news blackout in all the stations. No one is covering the news anymore and now I have to switch to the foreign news channels:

The local channels are showing:
ABS-CBN: A comedian's 75th Birthday special
GMA 7: A local karaoke game show; the host is a bald gay-like person
NBN 4: A talk show that doesn't directly address the situation
All the others: Canned shows

Probably they have to switch to regular programming but it does seem strange...

INQ7.net - Running Account


What was their point?

These soldiers went in with idealistic notions that they can make a difference. Were they manipulated? Did they do this with our country in mind? The people they expect to flock and support them didn't come. As I posted before, we are already apathetic to the state of our nation.

There are still a smattering of rebel soldiers in Makati. Have they done everything for naught? Are their actions really for the good of the nation?

This is the Philippines. Anything can happen.

Can't wait for the movie to come out...

Military rebels occupy part of Makati mall, bombs set - Jul. 27, 2003

Military rebels occupy part of Makati mall, bombs set

I didn't sleep the whole night. I was watching the Truman Show on headphones. Little did I know that my phone was already ringing off the hook. Even Budjette texted!

Oh my. Seems we're back again where we started. Another "coup". It's quiet over our end. It looks like it's isolated in Makati. I don't trust to watch ABS news since I have seen some "tainted" reports over the years. CNN has that anti-filipino filipina (she should renounce her citizenship since she bashes the country every instance she can, off-cam though) there so expect nonsense. Fox? HA! BBC is ok but they seem out of touch and are being pulled along by the Government. Thank God for GMA news. It's the lesser evil.

Anyway, all is well. The soldiers are asking for the support of the public. It's not in EDSA anymore. It's now Ayala. Let's see who bites.

Me? I don't know. I know how corrupt the Government is, but I feel indifferent now. Unlike before during EDSA II. The more they change, the more they stay the same is my motto now.

Everybody knows the corruption around. Everybody knows of one or two corrupt officials, gotten into such a situation, and even has experienced police corruption. It's common knowledge. It's so funny to see throughout the years that corruption is going down. Now that this is happening, we see all of them scampering saying that it's not true. Look, just bite the bullet admit the corruption and fix things from there. The way things are happening now, nothing will come out of this.

Things'll settle down by Tuesday probably. Next week seems to loom ahead like a storm.

Wonder if theres work on Monday. Internet connection? Hope so.

Electricity? The soldiers should have also included Meralco. They would have gotten my support there.

26 July 2003

dotPH Promo - FREE Domain

dotPH Promo - FREE Domain!!!

"Get a FREE 5 year domain from dotPH

Free Domains are provided by dotPH as a public service to the Philippine community.

To prevent domain hoarding, dotPH requires that free domains be used by their registrants. You are requested to register ONLY when your website is nearly ready, or if you intend to use your domain to receive email.

In light of this, in order for the domain to remain free, you must either
1) have at least 90 unique visitors to your website every quarter, OR
2) avail of dotPH Mailforwarding, OR
3) avail of dotPH Webhosting."

Watchawaiting for!!!!!! Go!!!! Now!!!!

Movie Poop Shoot - Nocturnal Admissions

Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life

I want this image on my blog. I just like the look of it. Funky Tightsuit.

Funky Tightsuit. Have I got your attention now?

Have you seen this movie? I haven't. In fact, I haven't seen any movies lately. The last I saw was Matrix Reloaded and truth to tell after that small letdown from that one, I kinda lost interest in watching. Just wait for it to hit the videoshop is my motto now.

I haven't even seen Charlies Anger, I mean Angels... Charlies Angels II: Full Throttle, Terminal 3: The Rise ... I meant Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines, Daredevil, The Indelible Hulk and all the other summer movies that's out. Somehow, I got tired of the hype before the movie that I'd rather avoid it than be disappointed.

I really wonder what the next fanboy movie that's going to hit the screen? I heard Duke Nukem and Max Payne might hit the big screen, but videogame based movies have been petering out lately. Comic book heroes? I hear Deathlok might be optioned out but my bet would be on The Punisher. Cartoon? Well, there's Garfield with Bill Murray and that Betty and Veronica thing. But after Scooby Doo...

How about Kill Bill? Quentin Tarantino hasn't made anything for awhile and after his stint on Alias, maybe this one might turn out to be a classic. Better than Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction? Let's see, I got my money riding on this one. But then again... I hear it might be a two parter.

Maybe you can help me with any 21st century movies worth watching and yes I like LOTR but the liberty they took in adapting the book kind of hit me the wrong way. No Tom Bombadil?! Frodo in Gondor?! Ack! Why not just let Boromir live up to the third movie!! That's one change I would have appreciated. I haven't read Harry Potter but the two movies are entertaining. Doesn't Hermione remind you of Denise Richards? What's she doing now, anyway? Denise, I mean.

Anyway, it all boils down to this. Movies these days are all about the hype. Story and plot seem to take the backseat to stars and special effects, as it is here in the Philippines, story and plot are only secondary to stars and their bodies. Give me back the good old days. The days when story and plot ruled. The days when ticket sales were not the most interesting fact of the movie. The days when movies had you in that state of wonder and awe. The days when the magic came from within you, not forced down your throat. The days when I was young.

25 July 2003



I just finished watching 24 on AXN. I have the whole season on VHS except I think it's moldy now since I left it in a box. Bummer though that I didn't get to see hours (4pm-5pm) but anyway, that first season is a big ride. Specially the last minute (11:59pm). You got to see it to believe it! Still can't forger the Finger episode...

I was on season two, happening around 18 months (if I remember right) after the events of season one, but I only have up to the third episode. Probably have to wait for AXN to show that. Although I have faithfully avoided websites regarding this one, ironically one of my favorites, I accidentally stumbled on the ending cliffhanger for season two. Bummer.

Come to think about it, Jack Bauer's one day is more exciting than my whole entire life.

24 July 2003


Betty & Veronica: The Movie


When I was in college, I remember I had a classmate who never run out of Archie Comics. We used to joke that she was taking "Archietecture" instead of our major.

Well, fourteen years later, she has then graduated and moved on, I got married... with kids, and Archie is going to be made into a movie.

I hear Nicolas Cage wants to play Jughead.



As I got up this morning after a four double Chivas on the Rocks (crushed ice, the only way to go) work night, I see my clothes all arranged, a new bottle of hair gel on the drawer and hot coffee in my thermal cup on my computer desk.

Suddenly it dawned on me, my wife brings order to my universe.

22 July 2003

Saturday Night Live Transcripts

Saturday Night Live Transcripts

Omigod! Omigod! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack!

If I won't be blogging regularly, you got this site to blame...

Here's an example:
Christopher Walken's 2002 SNL Monologue.
A bedtime story with Robert De Niro and Chris Kattan!

Transcripts of all SNL shows from 1975 to 2002! 1,923 shows!

Omigod! Ack! Ack! I got to go! I just found Conan's episode!

Not so loco over Roco

Not so loco over Roco

"To make a long story short, the Bangko Sentral official, a woman with a managing director rank, cried because she was asked by Mrs. Roco to tie Mr. Roco's shoe laces inside a moving limousine when she had to accompany Mrs. Roco on a shopping/sightseeing trip."

So how can he run for President with untied shoe laces?

One word for Mrs. R: KARMA
One word for Mr. R: VELCRO

Two words for Ms. Crying Lady: SPEED BUMPS

Classes suspended, thousands stranded as jeepneys strike - Jul. 22, 2003

Classes suspended, thousands stranded as jeepneys strike

"...at least five major jeepney organizations in Metro Manila refused to ply their routes starting 6 a.m.
...Among their concerns are...the planned phaseout of jeepneys"

Ummm... let me get this straight.

Jeepneys went on strike for a day by not plying their routes because of the planned phaseout where they will not be able to ply their routes forever?

Don't you just love living here in the Philippines?

21 July 2003


"Manila is an Internet server application that allows groups of writers, designers and graphics people to manage full-featured, high performance Web sites through an easy-to-use browser interface...."

Now if only I had US$900....

I Love RSS


"...If you love RSS, if you think your aggregator is just fantastic, or if you like all the people who can read your stuff in RSS, then please proudly display Bryan's I Love RSS graphic and link back to this page."
Technology at Harvard Law

20 July 2003

Truman Burbank, Neo Anderson, and Rene Descartes

Truman Burbank, Neo Anderson, and Rene Descartes

"...one fact is constant; despite the deceit and false perception of reality of the central character, their individuality stood out. Stripped away of all the facts, their individuality still was intact. Truman still was Truman at the end. Neo (although he learned how to fly) was basically still Neo. Christof even mentions this in The Truman Show, "While the world he inhabits is in some respect, counterfeit. There is nothing fake about Truman himself..." One particular fact that kind of stood out to me in The Matrix is that even Neo does not even use his real name (Thomas Anderson) and prefers to live under one he has made himself (Neo). Despite this, he was still Thomas Anderson."

This was something I wrote ages ago before I learned about blogs. It ties up The Matrix, The Truman Show, and Rene Descartes. The idea came up during a conversation with Jessica and Cookie. Actually, the Descartes connection, I got that all from Cookie.

Also Prole corrected me about my understanding of Descartes:

"...but Descartes did not say anything about our idividuality or our concepts of ourselves at the level of his argument Jobert refers to. All Descartes claims to know is that he has a self, that there is some being in the universe whom he is. He knows this because he is thinking and perceiving, and to perceive himself thinking and perceiving, he must exist. "

Unpaid French fries lead

Unpaid French fries lead to suit vs Diether Ocampo

"ACTOR Diether Ocampo, talent manager Deo Edrinal and a business partner are facing criminal charges for failing to pay more than 10,000-pesos worth of French fries they bought four years ago.
...Cinco said he decided to sue because the three men ignored his repeated demands. He said he sent his final letter of demand to Ocampo and company on June 20, 2002. "

Ever notice when it reaches the courts, parties will always say that they were either not aware or not approached regarding the problem? I guess trust, responsibility and reliability is a rare commodity in showbiz. Be afraid, they might run for office.



I just finished watching 'Sleepless in Seattle'. Because of it, I was ummm... inspired (?) to whip out Google and check out Niburu or Planet X. Don't ask, long convoluted pointless story involving SiS, a spider, an ex-girlfriend, missing socks, lego and a maglite.

Here are three sites about Planet X (from one end of the spectrum to another):

"...the Anaki, the Mighty Ones, who came to Earth ages ago from another solar system, arriving from spaceship. They came from the star Sothis (Sirius). They landed on a land called Aztlan (Atlantis)... "
This so way out there.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nibiru
"Call it Nibiru, Planet X or whatever; the fact is that the discovery of 2001 KX76 tells us that it will come at us from the Kuiper Belt. Therefore, by definition, an XKBO is a Kuiper Belt Object in a long period orbit around our sun, with sufficient mass to trigger life-threatening global Earth changes as the result of a flyby event"
It's a mix of scientific fact and speculative ummm... conjecture

Bad Astronomy
"Observations show that the trans-Neptunians are mostly confined within a thick band around the ecliptic, leading to the realization that they occupy a ring or belt surrounding the sun. This ring is generally referred to as the Kuiper Belt, it was never a planet, and this discovery allowed scientists to revise their ideas about the solar system to cancel out what they thought was a wobble."
This one tackles it (and debunks) it scientifically.

Ever wonder why the Philippines is virtually untouched by UFO myths? Ours are usually based from the ground and underneath it (lamang lupas). Me? I believe in aliens. Not sure if they believe in me...

19 July 2003

The Mall Empire that Slavery Built

The Mall Empire that Slavery Built

"Shoemart’s malls in Metro Manila are tightly-guarded by private security guards and police teams while striking workers – mostly women – maintain their picketlines as their strike enters its fourth month. The same issues that provoked SM workers to go on strike thrice in the past are at stake in the current one, indicating continued workers’ dissatisfaction."

Although I feel compassion for the strikers, it's hard to shake off that feeling that some of these labor unions are nothing else but extortion and blackmail racketeers. These workers are just pawns in my opinion.



My schedule is Friday Night Malate.

I feel so outdated. Walking around Malate, I see beautiful people. People with no problems. Smiles. That straight from the gym sheen. The I got time for badminton look. And the I have no problem going home since I have a car kind of stroll. Even the ghosts are in a playful mood. This is so not me.

I probably fit in at the Hap Chang with a bowl of Hap Chang Special Noodles in front of me. Ooops, scratch that. More an order of siomai since that's what I could afford.

You know you're old when you feel bad that you're in Malate with a license to party rather than home watching The Amazing Race. What's worse is when you get home, your wife tells you who won and what happened.

These are the times I know how much I love her.

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Friday Night, And I'm Like This. Bummer.

18 July 2003


So, what's this RSS thing all about?

Got about three emails (believe me, that's a lot) regarding my previous post about RSS.

To sum it up, it's like browsing the web with Outlook Express. You just include the blog feeds that you want and you don't have to go to the site all the time to see if there's a new post. Once you fire up your reader, all new posts are immediately picked up from the feed and are readily available for viewing.

I included a screenshot of my NewsDesk and as you can see, my favorite blogs are already there for viewing. Alas Schadenfreude has no available feed for viewing as of now, but I trust Shady to see the light and start generating one.

Four-legged chicken born in Del.

Four-legged chicken born in Del.

Can you believe this. It seems that the rumors of four legged chicken bred at the local KFC might have some basis now!

Another news breaking post from that uber blog, The J-Walk blog!

Where does he get all those wonderful posts?



It's new!

To the three regular readers of my blog, check out the links section. I included the RSS feeds of sites that has one!

As for the blogs, I went over to Blogstreet and generated their feeds. So if you're like the many named one, you know who you are :) you can now use those feeds for readers like NewsDesk, or Feedreader, or for Mozilla users, NewsMonster. I prefer NewsDesk myself since IMO, it's the easiest to use and set up. Except for the huge Microsoft .net framework download...

So for Budj, shady, tina, and cenitrogem, I already setup (it's only a two-click process) your RSS feed but to keep the feed current mozy on over to Blogstreet and just update from there. Believe me, once you go RSS you never go back. Hell, I even check NewsDesk first before I fire up Mozilla. Shady though has a feed problem and you got to fix it up from your end.

I have a dream. I dreamt that all pinoy bloggers will discover RSS and start implementing it in their blogs. And we as pinoy bloggers will be in the forefront of a new technology. It's that good.

I'm so corny, I have ears.

17 July 2003

Con men selling lots in 'Meteor Garden'

Con men selling lots in 'Meteor Garden'

"A FAKE real estate company is riding on the popularity of the Taiwanese television soap opera "Meteor Garden" by offering nonexistent lots in Cavite, Quezon City and Taguig supposedly called Meteor Gardens."

Were there any takers?

16 July 2003

The Simulator

The Simulator

Want to see how it is to live my life. That link above just sums it up.

Got this from the J-Walk Blog.

15 July 2003


Transferred, A New Beginning:

Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life.

Fourteen years ago, a financially strapped college dropout, I started off as a salesman at a clothing store in Makati. I've gone through becoming store manager, country manager, brand manager, department head, marketing manager, TV writer, segment producer, Account manager, part time correspondent and a host of other things (lest you think I'm a grasshopper moving from one company to another, I'm not. Some of the positions were promotions);

I'm back in sales.

Is it a good thing? Is it a step down? Is this just rewards? Or is it just life moving on? Well, who knows? Who cares? I'll be just one of the nameless, faceless people walking this earth wondering when that big break will come...If it ever will. And if it has, why didn't I notice it?

Well, I'll be content knowing that even at 35, life still throws me challenges to keep me on my toes and that it'll never be boring or monotonous.

Yeah, better keep telling myself that.

Mura: But why the drag show? - Jul. 15, 2003

Mura: But why the drag show?

To those not in the know or don't live here in the Philippines:
A 28 yr old vertically challenged woman (Mahal) gets another shot at showbiz stardom after being featured having a normal boyfriend (Jimbo) who alledgedly is gay and is spending all her money. They have just recently broken up.
She is now in a daily TV show with another vertically challenged person (Mura) who even looks like her. Now, it turns out that the other person (Mura) is not female but is a guy!

So, is the cat out of the bag?

Don't you have that nagging feeling that there will be a new love team brewing and there will be parties swearing up and down that it's not a showbiz gimmick? Man, I can smell that puppy now.

To the Powers that be: Here's a hint. Make it that Mura is really the boyfriend but since Jimbo was there, he had to dress up as a woman just to be close to Mahal! There, problem solved, cross dressing explained, love team launched!

Let the real exploitation begin!

14 July 2003


Spent the whole day at Greenbelt.

11 hours, 7 cups of coffee, 6 friends, 4 cigarettes, 2 jamaican patties, and 1 whopper meal later, this is what I can post;

1. Saw a nanny allow a young tot to get really drenched and play in the middle of a street fountain. Nanny must be on drugs;
2. Can't walk & smoke at the same time. Smoke only near an ashtray; No more smokers, lots of street beggars (I swear!)
3. Despite my previous post, the Whopper still rules!! Good airconditioning? Don't expect it. Ask for a paper fan.
4. McCafe at Greenbelt is way, way way much better than the one at Glorietta. Now if only there was a PC and Internet access
5. Haagen Daz in english probably means sloooow service.
6. Saw a real hottie at the McC but was reminded by a phone call from Lulu that I was married.dang that monogamy!
7. Greenbelt on a sunday is more... human. Less snoot, more snot. Next week, I'm bringing the family.

What a day.

ABS-CBN, Smart dispute SMS revenue-sharing: sources - Jul. 14, 2003

ABS-CBN, Smart dispute SMS revenue-sharing

" A DISPUTE has erupted between ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. and Smart Communications Inc. over their mobile phone SMS (short messaging system) or text service partnership involving web- and television-based programs, an Inquirer report, quoting sources privy to the negotiations, said Monday."

Smart move to demand 70% on a ten million a month business. Greedy for my blood but still smart.

13 July 2003

Flame Broiled | The Disgruntled Ex- Burger King Employee Page

The Disgruntled Ex- Burger King Employee Page

"My pain runs deep. My acne has never left my face. My memories of adolescence are riddled with the smell of chicken tenders and Vanilla Shakes. I have seen the creatures that live at bottom of the dumpster. I have seen the rat by the soda machine. I have seen dead frogs in the fresh salad lettuce. I have seen undercooked meat served to children and I have seen bags of trash piled higher than I stand as they lay less than 3 feet from the hamburger meat. I am the DISGRUNTLED EX-BURGER KING EMPLOYEE!"

Hmmm.... dead frogs...

12 July 2003

Buffy the Animated Series - TV Tome

I'm drooling already

Bushman in'The Gods Must Be Crazy' Dies

Bushman in'The Gods Must Be Crazy' Dies

"WINDHOEK, Namibia (AP) -- N!xau, the diminutive bushman catapulted from the remote sandswept reaches of the Kalahari Desert to international stardom in the film "The Gods Must Be Crazy" has died..."

I remember that movie.

Letter from an ex-Pinoy

Letter from an ex-Pinoy

Got this from an email. I was told it was going to get me hair-raising mad. Most of what he said, I agree with but the tone... Reminds me of David Duchovny/Naomi Campbell skit in SNL: "So you think you're better than me?"

One thing though, where is he thinking of living when he gets old and useless in a country he wasn't even born in...

Gov’t Uses Highway Billboards in Red Scare Campaign

Gov’t Uses Highway Billboards in Red Scare Campaign

"TAGUM CITY -- Militants here and in Davao City are up in arms over the billboard put up by a government-sponsored anti-communist group which tagged militant groups and leaders as communists. Their attempt to remove the billboard last July 2 almost ended in violence when they were prevented by a big contingent of military and police force."

Wonder how we would fare if THEY (the communists, and not necessarily these "militant groups") were in charge?

My opinion? The more they change, the more they stay the same. These reddies would start riding in Land Cruisers and living the good life. They'd dump Marx and start speaking Armani. Remember what happened when Misuari was appointed?

Oh how I pray for someone who really has the country in mind to be in charge. I don't think I will see that in my or my daughters' lifetime. We're not pitiful. We're way past pitiful.

If I didn't love this country so much I would have packed up and left but I am inside and outside Filipino. And as we say in the vernacular "Magkasama hanggang kamatayan" (Together til death).

Oh no! Getting hyped up! Too much emotion! Temperature rising! MUST.... STAY..... CALMMMM....MMMMOMMY! AAARRRGGGHHHH!

Philstar.com - The Filipino Global Community

EDITORIAL - Slipping:The Philippine Star 07/12/2003

"The Philippines is slipping in terms of quality of life, according to the United Nations’ 2003 Human Development Index. From the 77th slot last year, the country has fallen to 84th place among 175 countries.
...The Senate reportedly wants to question officials of the National Economic and Development Authority regarding the UN index..."

The Senate wants to ques... Won't someone please send all these ELECTED officials a mirror? (Long running sentence warning:) Why, in my opinion, during the joint meeting of the congress, senate, and executive whatever it's called, if somebody came in with a bomb and blew everyone in it up, it would be an act of heroism and nationalism. Collateral damage? I can live with that...

Here's an aside: do you know that in FIFA (football), we're ranked 172 or something? That says a lot since there are only 175 countries?!

Survey: 11% of Filipino male youths had homosexual sex

Survey: 11% of Filipino male youths had homosexual sex

"ABOUT 11 percent of young Filipino males have had homosexual sex, according to a survey released Friday, raising concerns about the spread of AIDS.

The University of the Philippines (UP) polled 20,000 males aged 15-24 in May 2002."

...Okay, so did they just poll the males at UP only? If so then 11% of male UP stu... hmmm.....

...And would sex with a lesbian also constitute homosexual sex?

11 July 2003


Wow! They tast like ...DONUTS

I'll be getting my monthly supply of Krispy Kremes next week (got two dozen last week). One thing though, I hear that they'll be opening here some time this year. If so, I do hope they taste like the original... It's pitiful that we have to rely elsewhere to get good donuts. Don't get me wrong but I'm a plain honey dipped kind of guy but nothing beats those KKs. Except of course the old Mr. Donut at Greenhills. Wonder, if they still churn out those babies...

Globe, Smart top in world 'text' revenue share

Globe, Smart top in world 'text' revenue share

"CELLULAR phone service providers Smart Communications Inc. and Globe Telecom Inc. outpaced all other carriers in the world using the global system for mobile communications (GSM) platform in terms of percentage of revenue derived from data services."

With the way texters write down their messages, probably means that we will also top the world's worst spellers list.

10 July 2003



In Search Of...

Remember that series with Leonard Nimoy? Well, it seems that there is a new incarnation of it. Not sure if it's shown here in the Philippines.

Planning to script a local version. My first episode would be "In Search of Father Tropa..."

To those in the dark, Father Tropa is leader of a religious group and had a weekly show on tv called Spacehsip 2000. It was in the late 80's. The group's belief is that Jesus Christ will arrive in the year 2000 in a spaceship. I think he's already dead but then again...

He is recognized by the huge snake he carries on his shoulders. The snake's name if I'm not mistaken is called "Big Boy". I wonder who "little boy" is?



If you can't say anything nice... blog it in your secret blog!

Got myself a more darker sinister blog where I can freely blog without offending anyone.

Make sure you don't have any links in or out so it won't be easily picked up by search engines.

Thanks to Centrino for the idea...



A pinch of angst,a dash of humor,two shakes of wide eyed innocence, and two heaping teaspoons of hope is the secret recipe of this blog. It's like watching a feel good movie without being over mushy. Think Buckaroo Bonzai meets Forrest Gump.

The posts may be long but most of the time, they're not long enough. Why I even post more often there than here in my own blog!

Dang... maybe I can squat in one of his comment pages...

09 July 2003



I just caught this show Girls Behaving Badly. It's like a cross between Candid Camera and the Sex Bomb Girls. Really funny and raunchy stuff. Good thing the kids are asleep. Wait... how did the MTRCB approve this? Who cares?

Between GBB, I am watching WWE Raw. A lot has changed since the last time I saw it. Good thing Mick Foley is back. *uhurm* MICK FOLEY IS GOD!

I did notice that the commercials and plugs at RPN 9 are the same as the ones in Solar. Could it be...

Michael Bay to the rescue?

Michael Bay? To the Rescue?!!

Blame it on CA:FT, M:R, and probably T3. It seems people now are LOOKING FORWARD to Michael Bay's BB2!

But we'll still have LXG and TR2 to complete the circle.

For some reason, I think Hollywood is starting to "text speak" too.


Movie Poop Shoot - COMICS 101

Movie Poop Shoot - COMICS 101


Here's a very interesting article on LXG, the comic.

Up to about eight years ago, I used to have a two thousand peso a week habit. Yup.

I was hooked on comics. Took a lot to get me off it, and no, not marriage but the arrival of my eldest daughter, Lulu. Now I avoid comic shops like the plague. I know just one issue will bring the fire back.

All this for two young girls I gave up a lot for, who I know I have to let go when the time comes.
*sniff* Grab me that box of tissues will you.

LRT bomber pleads guilty

LRT bomber pleads guilty - Jul. 09, 2003

"WEEKS after he confessed and begged for forgiveness, a suspected Muslim rebel pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that he helped plan at least one of five coordinated bombings that left 22 people dead and hundreds wounded in Metro Manila on Dec. 30, 2000."

Now... doesn't he look like he's smiling? And he does look comfortable holding the hand of that soldier.

Oh yeah. He's gonna love prison reeeeaal good.

Patron Saints Index: Table of Contents

Patron Saints Index

Talking about The J-Walk blog, I chanced upon this post there. Being an insanely devout catholic country such as the Philippines, I would think this would interest a lot of people.

It has 4568 saints listed. Man! That's more than all of the HONEST Philippine Government officials combined! Dead and alive!



Yesterday, I had 230 hits. The highest number of hits in one day, this blog has had. My visitor count is already past the 3000 mark. To think I only started last April.

I know I'm not even close to par with some other blogs. The J-Walk Blog for example, averages around 20,000 hits a month with a high of 40,000 last month!

Just a small smathering of comments and still no money earned though...

Even then, this puts a smile on my face.

08 July 2003

Future Hunters

So you think only us, filipinos, have the monopoly on real bad movies? Well take a gander at this movie review. It's from my fave reviewer Joe Bob Briggs. I used to remember reading the pink pages of the sunday paper for his review when I was still going to school in San Francisco. I even have his first book. He just rocks. And for your info, I still go by how he rates movies, by nudity, violence, and profane language. Plot? Who needs it!

As I was saying, Future Hunters. You think Philippine movies are bad. This movie starring the T1000 himself, Robert Patrick, is partially made in the Philippi...
Ow smeg! And I thought I had a point...

Fastfood chain sued over alleged chicken abuse - Jul. 08, 2003

Fastfood chain sued over alleged chicken abuse

Ummm...Excuse me but "not allow the animals to feel pain"? Hell, they ain't feeling nuthin' no mo. Coz they dead! And cooked too!

Get over it. It's chicken. I'm not the chicken. And chicken tastes goooood....

What next? Burgers. Better shut up and move to India or Vincent Vega's comin' to kick yo butt wid a fi' dolla' shake!

Oh right. He's dead too.



So I was checking out other blogs when this one just fell on my lap! It's about a filipina (Tina), who is engaged to a Canadian, and who is currently living in Korea.

Got me to stay there for more than twenty minutes which is more than I can say with some other blogs. Oh don't start me on this. Some bloggers need therapists, and a life, and real friends, more than blogs, me included.

As I was saying before I interrupted myself, this blog has a sort of fresh downy clean feel. It's like smothering your face with newly washed and freshly ironed towels. Smkrmffff!

That's it... I'm linking her.

07 July 2003

Cowheads must be having a ball with this

Check this article out at Bulatlat.com. Wonder how the UP Community are reacting. Haven't seen any UP blogger blog about this. Has the majority gone all corporate and sold out...


Wait a minute... I have gone corporate. And I have sold out. But then again, ...I'm not from UP.




Is this true? Are my eyes deceiving me? A review of Meteor Garden from Bulatlat.com? Which in my opinion, is a leftist website?

Tryng to lighten up, eh? That's the spirit. Maybe in awhile, they'll be joining me in the right side, the dark side, the capitalist side! All hail Bush! All hail Bush! All hail Bu...

*uhurm*..what?... ooops...We're in The Phili... right... sorry...

Mabuhay si Bush! Mabuhay si Bush! Mabuhay si Bush!

Sin urges the President to run in 2004

Sin urges the President to run in 2004

Well GMA, the balls of your court. I mean ON your court, on your court.

Frontpage video here. Sorry, but it's the whole Frontpage episode (although the newsbit is the first). Takes awhile to load too.

Pop quiz: the Government, Civic leaders, businessmen, even the Church wants you to run for president. What are you going to do? What are you going to do?

And doesn't the First Gentleman sound like Mike Tyson?

06 July 2003

The New GLP Format

The Masons of the Philippines

Think the Freemasons are just a group of frat boys who didn't grow up? Well take a gander at the website of the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the Philippines.

Here's a fact (according to the site): To become the president leader, big kahuna, witch doctor, alpha male, Grand Master of this group, it's going to set you back about (left pinky on left edge of lip ala Doctor Evil) THREE Million pesos!

I wonder what state J and B would be in right now... Gotta ask KS.


Check it out! Jobert's got RSS now! Thanks to a quick email to Chris Pirillo, a little bit of searching here and there and voila! Got an RSS feed. It's a free one of course and wouldn't know how long this gift would last but then again, this blog will be riding the RSS waves!!! Just click on that orange XML thingy on top to include me on your aggregator.

Don't have one? An aggregator, I mean. Well this are the ones to mozy on to:

For Mozilla users like me: Newsmonster.org/
For IE users: Feedreader.com

And for a free RSS feed: go on to Blogstreet.com

DUDE! Where's my blog?

Since I wanted to take a blog vacation ( an idea that crashed and burned), I just hunkered down and spent the whole saturday afternoon doing other things:

1. Watched How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days with my wife. She liked it. Technically, I didnt (watch it, I mean). Halfway thru, I went downstairs with Gabbi, shared an ice cream (Vanilla with crushed Chips Ahoy, ran out of Oreos) and watched Mr Bean, the cartoon, with her.

and then?...

2. Played Raven Shield 3. Completed one mission. This one really rocks! Have I mentioned that before.

and then?...

3. Watched From Hell, alone. Not as creepy as I thought it would be. Had this feeling of deja vu that I have seen a similar film about Jack the Ripper. But Bilbo Baggins and Hagrid together...

and then?...

4. Continued reading Harry Potter (the first book). Haven't really gotten into the HP trend but it is fun reading. One thing though... Couldn't it be that Harry isn't really that powerful and that a weak or dying Lord Voldemort merely transferred his power to him (hence, the scar) so that he can reclaim it when the time comes?

and then?...

5. Blogging this post

and then?...


and then?...


and then?...

No more and then! No more and then! No more and then!

05 July 2003


Well, I'm on blog vacation. Scratch that, cancelled blog vacation. It was a bit tiring reading about mid twenties angst. Don't get me wrong though, they're all really cool! They just well, all sound the same. It's okay but after five or so of the same thing, it gets repetitive and isn't a vacation anymore. Is it me or is the majority of Philippine bloggers female?

Anyway, I probably just chose the wrong link but then again... I'll go do it again next time. Probably use blogger as a random jump point.

That and I'm hooked with Raven Shield 3. It is just a kick ass game. Wanton violence, mayhem, isn't that a better way to spen a blog vacation?

04 July 2003


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03 July 2003


I remember when I was young and I really wanted to become a scientist. It was every kid's dream. Even remembered that old Ariel Ureta and Nino Muhlach show where a very young Nino said he also wanted to become a scientist when he grows up.

I asked my daughter, Lulu, "What do you want to become when you're older?"

She said, "I don't know. I wanted to become a lot of things before that I don't know what I want to be now. Remember before, I wanted to become a botanist?"

I asked, "What do you want to become now?" She paused. Then answered, "I don't know".

After constant badgering, she finally answered, "Probably a vet."

I asked my other daughter, Gabbi, what she wants to be.

She answered, "I want to be a lot of things but I'll only tell you if you let me use the computer.".

Lulu's going to be a great vet.
Gabbi's destined for bigger things.
Nino Muhlach didn't become a scientist and neither did he grow up.

02 July 2003


So I have been fixing up the site. A nip here, a tuck there. Didn't notice the time. I gotta go earn some moolahs!

Anyway, do check out the two new links I have on my favorite site and blog lists:

Betty Bowers: America's Best Christian : This site is a real hoot! Don't forget to check out the Harry Potter link.
The J-Walk Blog: Real cool blog that doesn't make you feel like you're wasting time.

Planning to go on a blog vacation. Meaning, I'll spend the next weekend going from blog to blog (via the blog's link). Won't know where I'll end up but I think it's fun and I deserve it (the vacation, I mean). I'll be leaving my mark on the comments pages and run a blog by blog blog on my blog (this blog, I mean).

Won't you care to join? Coffee's on me. I mean it. I just spilled some right now. Hot!


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