18 July 2003



It's new!

To the three regular readers of my blog, check out the links section. I included the RSS feeds of sites that has one!

As for the blogs, I went over to Blogstreet and generated their feeds. So if you're like the many named one, you know who you are :) you can now use those feeds for readers like NewsDesk, or Feedreader, or for Mozilla users, NewsMonster. I prefer NewsDesk myself since IMO, it's the easiest to use and set up. Except for the huge Microsoft .net framework download...

So for Budj, shady, tina, and cenitrogem, I already setup (it's only a two-click process) your RSS feed but to keep the feed current mozy on over to Blogstreet and just update from there. Believe me, once you go RSS you never go back. Hell, I even check NewsDesk first before I fire up Mozilla. Shady though has a feed problem and you got to fix it up from your end.

I have a dream. I dreamt that all pinoy bloggers will discover RSS and start implementing it in their blogs. And we as pinoy bloggers will be in the forefront of a new technology. It's that good.

I'm so corny, I have ears.