12 July 2003

Gov’t Uses Highway Billboards in Red Scare Campaign

Gov’t Uses Highway Billboards in Red Scare Campaign

"TAGUM CITY -- Militants here and in Davao City are up in arms over the billboard put up by a government-sponsored anti-communist group which tagged militant groups and leaders as communists. Their attempt to remove the billboard last July 2 almost ended in violence when they were prevented by a big contingent of military and police force."

Wonder how we would fare if THEY (the communists, and not necessarily these "militant groups") were in charge?

My opinion? The more they change, the more they stay the same. These reddies would start riding in Land Cruisers and living the good life. They'd dump Marx and start speaking Armani. Remember what happened when Misuari was appointed?

Oh how I pray for someone who really has the country in mind to be in charge. I don't think I will see that in my or my daughters' lifetime. We're not pitiful. We're way past pitiful.

If I didn't love this country so much I would have packed up and left but I am inside and outside Filipino. And as we say in the vernacular "Magkasama hanggang kamatayan" (Together til death).

Oh no! Getting hyped up! Too much emotion! Temperature rising! MUST.... STAY..... CALMMMM....MMMMOMMY! AAARRRGGGHHHH!