14 July 2003


Spent the whole day at Greenbelt.

11 hours, 7 cups of coffee, 6 friends, 4 cigarettes, 2 jamaican patties, and 1 whopper meal later, this is what I can post;

1. Saw a nanny allow a young tot to get really drenched and play in the middle of a street fountain. Nanny must be on drugs;
2. Can't walk & smoke at the same time. Smoke only near an ashtray; No more smokers, lots of street beggars (I swear!)
3. Despite my previous post, the Whopper still rules!! Good airconditioning? Don't expect it. Ask for a paper fan.
4. McCafe at Greenbelt is way, way way much better than the one at Glorietta. Now if only there was a PC and Internet access
5. Haagen Daz in english probably means sloooow service.
6. Saw a real hottie at the McC but was reminded by a phone call from Lulu that I was married.dang that monogamy!
7. Greenbelt on a sunday is more... human. Less snoot, more snot. Next week, I'm bringing the family.

What a day.