15 July 2003

Mura: But why the drag show? - Jul. 15, 2003

Mura: But why the drag show?

To those not in the know or don't live here in the Philippines:
A 28 yr old vertically challenged woman (Mahal) gets another shot at showbiz stardom after being featured having a normal boyfriend (Jimbo) who alledgedly is gay and is spending all her money. They have just recently broken up.
She is now in a daily TV show with another vertically challenged person (Mura) who even looks like her. Now, it turns out that the other person (Mura) is not female but is a guy!

So, is the cat out of the bag?

Don't you have that nagging feeling that there will be a new love team brewing and there will be parties swearing up and down that it's not a showbiz gimmick? Man, I can smell that puppy now.

To the Powers that be: Here's a hint. Make it that Mura is really the boyfriend but since Jimbo was there, he had to dress up as a woman just to be close to Mahal! There, problem solved, cross dressing explained, love team launched!

Let the real exploitation begin!