15 July 2003


Transferred, A New Beginning:

Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life.

Fourteen years ago, a financially strapped college dropout, I started off as a salesman at a clothing store in Makati. I've gone through becoming store manager, country manager, brand manager, department head, marketing manager, TV writer, segment producer, Account manager, part time correspondent and a host of other things (lest you think I'm a grasshopper moving from one company to another, I'm not. Some of the positions were promotions);

I'm back in sales.

Is it a good thing? Is it a step down? Is this just rewards? Or is it just life moving on? Well, who knows? Who cares? I'll be just one of the nameless, faceless people walking this earth wondering when that big break will come...If it ever will. And if it has, why didn't I notice it?

Well, I'll be content knowing that even at 35, life still throws me challenges to keep me on my toes and that it'll never be boring or monotonous.

Yeah, better keep telling myself that.