27 July 2003



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So at 9:52pm, the President happily announces that the siege is over.

The bombs around the area are one by one being dismantled. One thing wierd is that the Magdalo group, although they have "stood down", are still wearing their red armband.

It's as if nothing came out of all this except coverage in the news agencies around the world. Around 7pm, the local channels stopped covering the situation and only show "old" footage with their hourly updates. I wasn't sure what the hell happened. Last time, I saw soldiers on the street adding more bombs around the area (they were setting up C4 explosives in and around Oakwood). Then suddenly, the President is on air, all smiles, saying it's over.

What the heck happened between 6:40pm and 9:52pm?! I was relying on INQ7 for updated news but all they were posting were Agence France reports which are not local but international news agencies. Whitewash? Conspiracies?

Trillanes is in the phone with GMA7. He says they were ready to fight to the death but changed their mind after talks with the negotiators and the number of soldiers outside waiting to fight them. He says that they have won a moral victory and have planted the seeds to bring the AFP to it's former glory. Also, we get the form of government and leadership that we deserve. Well, 'nuff said.

Honasan, Enrile, and Estrada were not implicated and are not even talked about anymore. Angelo Reyes was on the phone on GMA7 (THE only credible news station, IMO) really pissed because early on, he was pointed at for selling weapons to the enemy. It seems, he is the only one that might get the shaft. Funny, the rebels have negotiated for their release (?) and the Defense Secretary is now painted as the bad guy.

ABS-CBN 2 (the OTHER news station), the way I understood it, is just trivializing the fact that the meeting point of the Magdalo group is or was owned by former president Joseph Estrada. They seem to just imply that it was a coincidence. Now you know why I don't watch news there.

Ahh...The Philippines... I'm too tired right now. Probably will post my thoughts tomorrow...

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