28 July 2003

dotPH - The Official Domain Registry of the Philippines

FREE dotPH Domains

"Get a FREE 5 year domain from dotPH

Free Domains are provided by dotPH as a public service to the Philippine community.

To prevent domain hoarding, dotPH requires that free domains be used by their registrants. You are requested to register ONLY when your website is nearly ready, or if you intend to use your domain to receive email.

In light of this, in order for the domain to remain free, you must either
1) have at least 90 unique visitors to your website every quarter, OR
2) avail of dotPH Mailforwarding, OR
3) avail of dotPH Webhosting."

OK, what is not included here is that this is open for the Philippine community. And that the domain name must be AT LEAST 18 Characters.

Two ways to get the dotPH account if you live out of the country.

First, click on the link above (It's the title of the post)

I. Get someone to register for you here.

II. Register from wherever you are.

1. I don't know know if the IP address is monitored or not but chances are, I don't think so.
2. A friend who lives here in the Philippines, and has a cell phone is a must.
3. Go to Yahoo or MSN Messenger and chat with your friend who lives in the Philippines. If you know of people living here, drop them an email or advice them when you can go on line together.
4. Once both of you are online, do the registration process. It will come to a point where you have to SMS from a cellphone the registration code. Ask your friend to this.
5. Voila! You have a domain name free for five years!