27 July 2003

INQ7.net - Running Account of Military Situation in Makati

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I also included a partial list of the cast of characters in case you get confused with who's who...

Please read the previous post about, I guess, a news blackout on the whole mess.

10:09pm Army chief to fetch and escort mutinous troops
10:06pm Mutinous troops defuse bombs, clear Oakwood 'booby traps'
10:02pm Abaya: Rebellion quelled but many issues still to be resolved
09:53pm It's over, Macapagal says of Makati crises
09:52pm President Arroyo announces on TV that 296 soldiers are "standing down" and are returning to barracks. It's really over now.
09:51pm Macapagal set to issue a policy directive on Makati siege
09:50pm For the first time, I'm hearing police sirens in the background. GMA News is back and confirmed the previous report. I guess it's over.
09:46pm It's return to barrack for mutineers - I'll have to confirm this on account of the "news blackout"
09:41pm Rebels: No to court martial proceedings for mutinous act
09:24pm Communist Insurgents cheer mutinous troops
09:13pm Abaya back in Palace
09:08pm Spain's Aznar condemns mutiny
09:02pm Ricciardone sees Makati siege ending peacefully
08:49pm EDSA Shrine ablaze with lighted candles
08:43pm Rebel officer's ma wants him alive: Palace
08:37pm Cimatu, rebels locked in talks
07:59pm No classes in many schools in Metro Manila
07:51pm Talks ongoing, deadline 'automatically' extended: Biazon
07:49pm Rebels want Reyes, Ebdane and Corpus to step down
07:38pm Biazon: more time needed for talks with rebels
07:31pm Oakwood employees leave establishment: management
07:16pm Macapagal to decide on new extension after Cimatu report
07:06pm Palace mulls another extension on rebel deadline
06:53pm No agreement reached between rebels, gov't
06:53pm Anti-riot police marching near Oakwood
06:48pm Three officers, 19 soldiers yield: Ramos
06:33pm Reyes open to probe by independent body on rebel charges
06:31pm 'Back to barracks' not 'surrender,' suggests bishop
05:59pm Rebels plans hastily conceived: ex-president Ramos
05:38pm Biazon mum on 'terms of surrender'
05:32pm Authorities uncover Magdalo operation center
05:24pm Pro government troops in Makati 're-aligned'
05:19pm Honasan, Colonel Danilo Lim arrive at Oakwood to talk with rebels
05:15pm 60 surrendered rebels brought to camps for 'processing'
04:58pm Palace reversal: two-hour extension
04:56pm 'We are not terrorists': rebel captain
04:52pm President: no extension
04:50pm Rebels reject ultimatum to surrender
04:47pm Rebel officers express willingness to negotiate
04:45pm No word from Palace on extension of deadline
03:39pm General: more than 50 rebels surrender
03:25pm General embraces returning rebels, shields from media
03:13pm Rebels returning to gov't fold
03:06pm Rebels march out of Oakwood apartment building
03:03pm Estrada lawyer says he'll still push through with contempt motion
02:59pm Estrada back at VMMC, says lawyer
02:55pm Cardinal Sin: rebels 'enemies of our peace'
02:22pm Guingona: mutineers' demand legitimate
02:19pm Biazon says rebel group softening
02:07pm Government forming negotiating team to talk to rebels
01:47pm Presidential aide: declaration allows warrantless arrests
01:39pm 5 PM deadline not affected by rebellion declaration
01:27pm Bunye: State of rebellion is nationwide
01:23pm President directs military to suppress the rebellion
01:21pm President declares state of rebellion
01:17pm Gov't troops continue to pour into Makati
12:43pm Military: only 'sufficient force' vs rebels
12:36pm Residents of Makati high-rises leaving
12:25pm Estrada moved to Camp Aguinaldo under 'vigorous protest': lawyer
12:17pm Gov't opening back-channels to rebels
12:06pm Rebels dig in, say they will ignore ultimatum

To top it all of 2:35pm, it starts raining.



Abaya, Narciso: General ,ARMED Forces Chief of Staff
Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal: Current Philippine President
Aznar, Jose Maria : Spanish Prime Minister
Biazon, Rodolfo: Philippine Senator (ex-Gen - Philippine Armed Forces); Negotiator
Bunye, Ignacio: Press Secretary
Cimatu, Roy: Philippine Ambassador (ex-General of the PAF)
Corpuz, Victor: Brig. General Intelligence of the Armed Forces (ISAFP) chief
Defensor, Mike: Cabinet Secretary, Negotiator
Ebdane Jr, Hermogenes: Philippine National Police Director General
EDSA Shrine: Church built along EDSA Avenue, past venue for protests
Enrile, Juan Ponce: Ex-Senator; suspected coup plotter
Estrada, Joseph: Ex-Philippine President
Golez, Roilo: National Security Advisor
Gordon, Richard: Tourism Secretary
Guingona, Teofisto: Current Philippine Vice President
Honasan, Gringo: Senator; leader of 1989 failed coup; suspected coup plotter
Lim, Danila: Colonel, PAF; Negotiator
Lucero, Danilo: Lieutenant Colonel ; member Magdalo group
Magdalo: Name used by rebel soldiers
Oakwood: 1st Class Apartment/Hotel used by rebels as headquarters

Paguia, Alan: Estrada Lawyer
Ramos, Fidel: Ex- Philippine President (ex-general PAF)
Reyes, Angelo : Philippine Defense Secretary
Ricciardone, Francis: US Ambassador to the Philippines
Sin, Jaime: Cardinal of the Philippines
Trillanes, Antonio: Navy Lt. Sr. Grade ; one of the leaders of the Magdalo group


Well, it seems that everything is a-ok now. These are idealistic soldiers but as long as we, the apathetic majority , let corruption go on, nothing will change. There can be a lot of expose's and a lot of whistle blowers but it will all be for naught since nothing will ever come out of it. It is very frustrating but what can we do?

What can we do?


I was wrong. It's not over yet. Let the circus continue. Isn't it funny to see soldiers hunch down for cover while civilians galavant around them as if asking for a shot in their head.