26 July 2003

Movie Poop Shoot - Nocturnal Admissions

Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life

I want this image on my blog. I just like the look of it. Funky Tightsuit.

Funky Tightsuit. Have I got your attention now?

Have you seen this movie? I haven't. In fact, I haven't seen any movies lately. The last I saw was Matrix Reloaded and truth to tell after that small letdown from that one, I kinda lost interest in watching. Just wait for it to hit the videoshop is my motto now.

I haven't even seen Charlies Anger, I mean Angels... Charlies Angels II: Full Throttle, Terminal 3: The Rise ... I meant Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines, Daredevil, The Indelible Hulk and all the other summer movies that's out. Somehow, I got tired of the hype before the movie that I'd rather avoid it than be disappointed.

I really wonder what the next fanboy movie that's going to hit the screen? I heard Duke Nukem and Max Payne might hit the big screen, but videogame based movies have been petering out lately. Comic book heroes? I hear Deathlok might be optioned out but my bet would be on The Punisher. Cartoon? Well, there's Garfield with Bill Murray and that Betty and Veronica thing. But after Scooby Doo...

How about Kill Bill? Quentin Tarantino hasn't made anything for awhile and after his stint on Alias, maybe this one might turn out to be a classic. Better than Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction? Let's see, I got my money riding on this one. But then again... I hear it might be a two parter.

Maybe you can help me with any 21st century movies worth watching and yes I like LOTR but the liberty they took in adapting the book kind of hit me the wrong way. No Tom Bombadil?! Frodo in Gondor?! Ack! Why not just let Boromir live up to the third movie!! That's one change I would have appreciated. I haven't read Harry Potter but the two movies are entertaining. Doesn't Hermione remind you of Denise Richards? What's she doing now, anyway? Denise, I mean.

Anyway, it all boils down to this. Movies these days are all about the hype. Story and plot seem to take the backseat to stars and special effects, as it is here in the Philippines, story and plot are only secondary to stars and their bodies. Give me back the good old days. The days when story and plot ruled. The days when ticket sales were not the most interesting fact of the movie. The days when movies had you in that state of wonder and awe. The days when the magic came from within you, not forced down your throat. The days when I was young.