27 July 2003

Military rebels occupy part of Makati mall, bombs set - Jul. 27, 2003

Military rebels occupy part of Makati mall, bombs set

I didn't sleep the whole night. I was watching the Truman Show on headphones. Little did I know that my phone was already ringing off the hook. Even Budjette texted!

Oh my. Seems we're back again where we started. Another "coup". It's quiet over our end. It looks like it's isolated in Makati. I don't trust to watch ABS news since I have seen some "tainted" reports over the years. CNN has that anti-filipino filipina (she should renounce her citizenship since she bashes the country every instance she can, off-cam though) there so expect nonsense. Fox? HA! BBC is ok but they seem out of touch and are being pulled along by the Government. Thank God for GMA news. It's the lesser evil.

Anyway, all is well. The soldiers are asking for the support of the public. It's not in EDSA anymore. It's now Ayala. Let's see who bites.

Me? I don't know. I know how corrupt the Government is, but I feel indifferent now. Unlike before during EDSA II. The more they change, the more they stay the same is my motto now.

Everybody knows the corruption around. Everybody knows of one or two corrupt officials, gotten into such a situation, and even has experienced police corruption. It's common knowledge. It's so funny to see throughout the years that corruption is going down. Now that this is happening, we see all of them scampering saying that it's not true. Look, just bite the bullet admit the corruption and fix things from there. The way things are happening now, nothing will come out of this.

Things'll settle down by Tuesday probably. Next week seems to loom ahead like a storm.

Wonder if theres work on Monday. Internet connection? Hope so.

Electricity? The soldiers should have also included Meralco. They would have gotten my support there.