19 July 2003



My schedule is Friday Night Malate.

I feel so outdated. Walking around Malate, I see beautiful people. People with no problems. Smiles. That straight from the gym sheen. The I got time for badminton look. And the I have no problem going home since I have a car kind of stroll. Even the ghosts are in a playful mood. This is so not me.

I probably fit in at the Hap Chang with a bowl of Hap Chang Special Noodles in front of me. Ooops, scratch that. More an order of siomai since that's what I could afford.

You know you're old when you feel bad that you're in Malate with a license to party rather than home watching The Amazing Race. What's worse is when you get home, your wife tells you who won and what happened.

These are the times I know how much I love her.