15 March 2006

Philippine Links

I always get hits on information about the Philippines. I've covered some of the topics that may have some importance to some. But there are a lot of things about this country that people want to find out.

So what I did was scoured the net for sites that might give information on the topic. Hopefully these sites are still up. If not, give me a holler, and see if I can at least fix it up.

So, without further ado, here are the links:

Famous People in the Philippines

Famous Filipino Athletes
Famous Filipino Authors
Famous Filipino Moviemakers
Famous Filipino Scientists
Philippine Heroes
Philippine Presidents
Other Popular Filipinos

Cory Aquino
Ninoy Aquino
Francisco Baltazar
Andres Bonifacio
Lino Brocka
Epifanio Delos Santos
Eugenio Lopez Jr
Ramon Magsaysay
Jose Rizal

Famous Places in the Philippines

Wow Philippines
Philippine Cities
Phil Schools & Universities

Pictures of the Philippines

Pictures of Cebu
Pictures of Manila
Pictures of Zamboanga

Government Sites

Phil Government Official Site
Academy of Sci & Tech
Dept of Sci & Tech
CIA Factbook
The Philippines

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The Philippines

Philippine Alphabet
Philippine Ancient History
Philippine Art Gallery
Philippine Astronomy
Philippine Bike Club
Philippine Blogs
Philippine Blog Awards
Philippine Books
Philippine Comics (Komiks)
Philippine Congress
Philippine Constitution
Philippine Culture and Arts
Philippine Department of Justice
Philippine Directory
Philippine Festivals/Fiestas
Philippine Firsts
Philippine Food and Recipes
Philippine Flag
Philippine Historical Documents
Philippine Historical Timeline
Philippine History
Philippine Info and Stats
Philippine Information II
Philippine Language
Philippine Literature
Philippine Masons
Philippine Motorcycle Clubs
Philippine Movies
Philippine Music
Philippine Names
Philippine National Police
Philippine Newspapers
Philippine Outsourcing
Philippine Radio
Philippine Recipes
Philippine Religion
Philippine Senate
Philippine Shopping Malls
Philippine Short Stories
Philippine Stock Market
Philippine Surfing (Surfing in the Philippines)
Philippine Television
Philippine Top Websites
Philippine Travel Destinations
Philippine Trivia
Philippine Tours
Philippine Various
Philippine Weather
Philippine Web Awards
Philippine Web Cam
Philippine Yellow Pages
Philippine Zip Codes
Philippine Zoo

Philippine News Sites

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Moreover-Philippine News
Philippine Star
Streaming Philippine TV News (GMA)
BBC News
Reuters News

Philippines Etcetera

Philippines in the 1970s
My Town: Baclaran
My Town: Baclaran II My City: Paranaque
What's on my TV
Movies Showing
Events Happening

Filipino Tagalog Dictionary

English-Tagalog Dictionary
English-Filipino Dictionary
Tagalog Slang Dictionary
Tagalog Tools
Downloadable Tagalog Dictionary

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