10 April 2008

Tyson Ibele CGI Animator

Today on Boing Boing tv, we explore the work of award-winning, self-taught animator Tyson Ibele, who is based in New Zealand. In this episode, the 21-year-old artist explains that he taught himself animation during high school using free software freeware.

Wow. 21 years old and already an award winning cgi animator. Self taught to boot! The clip is real cool. Specially the tips he sprinkles the feature with. Also check out at around 2:30 of the clip where he syncs the audio of Seinfeld with his animation.

I believe a lot of Filipino animators abound already. I mean, the Philippines is one big resource already for the comic world. Can't wait to see a Filipino animator emerge as one of the world's best.

Speaking of Philippine comic artists, look out for Trese, The Graphic Novel by my good friend, Budjette! It features the first four stories of Trese with an intro by Gerry Alanguilan. It'll be out by end April so check it out!

If you're still not familiar with this wonderful Philippine comic book, go take a gander of Trese here.