06 April 2008


Coffeespark serves as a medium for people to air their problems, situations, or feelings. Either for sharing, advice, discussion or just to vent. It could be a family problem, a technical computer problem, a cheating boyfriend, work issues, girlfriend issues, or just maybe about life in general.

Yep. It's me again plugging my other site. Really it's a nice place to go and just let out your feelings, problems, or just hang out and catch a topic someone just posted.

We believe that coffeespark will bring people together. Share their experiences. Support each other. And hopefully, help each other out.

Why not try it out? Just post anything about you. A problem, a situation, an experience you want to share. And let's see how others would react to it.

Coffeespark isn't about what's interesting out there. It's about what's going on with you.

Coffeespark. Interesting people, interesting issues.