19 April 2008

Philippine Doctors and Nurse's inappropriate behavior protected

CEBU CITY, Philippines--A committee tasked to investigate the posting on YouTube of an unauthorized video of rectal surgery performed on a patient at the government-run Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu City has recommended the filing of administrative charges against three doctors and one nurse in a decision immediately protested by the victim as a cover-up....

...The committee report did not bear anyone's signature or the hospital's logo. Paradela also refused to identify the doctors and the nurse against whom administrative charges were recommended.

Can you believe it? While a patient has been ridiculed and embarassed by the video taken during his surgery (they had to take out a perfume canister out of his rectum), the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff responsible for it is being protected by this hospital in the Philippines.

As usual, it's sad that the actions of a few morons would reflect bad on the thousands of Philippine nurses and doctors here and abroad.

Specially if these morons are even protected by the hospital they work in.