31 March 2008


Sketchcasting is a new way to communicate something online by recording a sketch, optionally with your voice speaking. Any sketch can then be embedded on your blog/ homepage for people to play-back, and you can also point people to your sketchcast channel here (or let them subscribe to your sketchcast RSS feed).

Sketchcasting is new but it's based on an old principle: the whiteboard (or the napkin in a bar) on which you sketch something to get a concept across... or to just have some fun. Sketchasting was invented by Richard Ziade on July 23rd, 2007, Creative Commons licensed.

Not sure how this will take off with Philippine Bloggers but it does look interesting. I guess down the line, we'll see people interesting sketches.

It does look useful for educational sites to illustrate a theory or point out a fact. I can see filipino scientists blogging their experiments thru this medium.

Or maybe not.

Here's a test: