30 March 2008

Held Hostage

Here in the Philippines, something is afoot right now, specially in the Philippine Blog Universe. I've been busy maintaining my other site but this issue is a real fishbone for me and I guess other people as well.

I have read that if anyone mentions these names that person will be jailed.
a. DJ Montano
b. Celine Lopez
c. Tim Yap
d. Tina Tinio

I have read that if anyone posts a link to this blog, that person will be jailed.

The leading Philippine newspaper, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, has posted about this story but did not link the blog or mention these names.

The other newspaper, The Philippine Star, is quiet about this because some of the persons involved are their writers.

ABS-CBN did feature this but failed to mention any names and even reiterated the fact that no one can link or mentions these names lest the person wants to be jailed. It even mentions that the unmentionable ones are "victims", regardless if that statement is objective or not. The article fails to mention that one of the person involved is related to the owners of the media company.

I really am not that into what's happening or what these people have done. But to be told that I can't do the things above, it gives me a sick feeling in the stomach. It's as if I am put into a state of fear.

** Click here for an update on this issue. ABS-CBN News interview of the Australian blogger, Brian Gorrell **