23 June 2010

Oil Change

Suddenly woke up and can't sleep again. Having two jobs does takes it's (its?) toll.

For one, brain doesn't really work as well.

Anyway, helped my daughter, Lulu, with the Periodic Table yesterday. As a consequence, I can tell you the first 20 elements in order. Hope she does too.

These are just random thoughts. Just chucking em out. So many in my head.

Been having this feeling for more than a year that I'll be winning the lottey jackpot. Not sure if it's wishful thinking (on the desperate end) or a portent of things to come.

After 2 months, I finally got a haircut yesterday. Been looking like Animal from the Muppet Show sans the beard. Hmm.. maybe that's why all these random thoughts.. brain is being aerated more.

In the bank, when it was my turn after a twenty minute wait, the computer goes offline for thirty minutes. It was just a P2000 (approx USD50) check. Talk about my life in a nuthsell.

Watched Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t (about fast food) and Morgan Freeman's Through The Wormhole (about the creation of the universe). I'm feeling hungry and existential at the same time.

Started to read Stephen Hawking's lectures online. I seem to channel his electronic voice whenever I talk to someone now.

Friend told me she's not feeling well for a week. But she mentioned she's been taking medication for 3 months now. There seems to be a time disparity here.

Can't seem to think of anything to tweet. Should this activity be even in my to do list? Let's not even talk about facebook.

Four more days til I hit 42. According to Douglas Adams, that's the answer to life's question. Now, like countless others, I have a year to look for the question.

I'm not really making sense. Just chucking these thoughts out. Did I mention that already.

Got a bunch of topics I want to write about. Just couldn't get the right voice, tempo, and direction for it. I'll just let it simmer til I get it all right in my head.

Hmm.. maybe I'll try and get an hour's worth of sleep right now before I get ready for work. Oh wait, I don't even have an hour, dangit.