30 June 2010

Hope The Saddle Is Still Comfortable

"Write something about me.."

Well, that's what she said.

It's been awhile since I wrote something. And I am just getting back into the groove. So when The Tiger asked me to write something about her, it came as a challenge.

And I'm not into challenges this past few years. Maybe it's time to change.

So pardon me for being rusty. I have to rev up this old rocking horse to a speed-crazy mustang. And it will take more than one post to wake the muse in me.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the write-up.

See a short while ago (during my radio guesting days), there was this wee little girl I met on the internet. And blah blah blah (I hate longish intros), we became good friends.

Of course as with good friends, there were high peaks and low peaks, good times and bad times, fallouts and get-back-togethers. It's like a long drawnout eternal coin flip where heads and tails just mash together.

Tired of that old love-hate, friend-nonfriend thing, I settled on the next best solution. The mocker-mockee friendship. That way, we are both at odds all the time that it doesn't matter since we, whatever the coin lands on, will still be friends.

She'd always insists that she is the perpetual mocker.

I'd let her think that way to avoid any complications.

Anyway, as friends, we get to share our problems, experience, and thoughts without the least bit of prejudice. She'd always try and slip in a mock or two, but overall it was and is a healthy friendship.

She has helped me out in a big way and I try to reciprocate with the most I can do. Little by other standards but I believe she sees the effort and the intent I put into it. Well, I really do believe that.

Antonette has been going thru a lot and I've seen her hit the lowest point. And it does pain me to see her like that. And after a long coping period, she's bounced back into the tiger cub that she is.

I'm happy that I was there during her recovery period. Happy that I was there to support her, understand her, and oh yeah, fulfill my role as mockee.

So to Antonette, the small girl with a big heart, thanks for everything Tiger.

If there's anything I can do, just holler, holler. Or is it roar, roar?