06 May 2008

Steven Spielberg now makes videogames

Steven Spielberg knows a thing or two about action games. He advised on the development of the Medal of Honor series, based on his film Saving Private Ryan, and he claims to be on his second play-through of the processor-punishing PC title Crysis. So it's a bit surprising to learn that for his first venture as a videogame creative director, the man behind Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park is making not a photorealistic shooter but a cross between Tetris and Jenga. It all goes back to when he was a kid, Spielberg says. He'd spend hours setting up his electric trains so that the locomotives would crash into one another. Now, with the help of a design team at Electronic Arts, Spielberg hopes to recapture that spirit of creative destruction in Boom Blox, out in May.

Whoa. Spielberg now forays into videogames. And as the article suggests, he delves into it the same way he does his movies. Boom Blox sounds to be a real great game. I did play Medal of Honor before and that was a fantastic.

The Philippines is a hotspot for gamers that it makes me wonder why Philippine made videogames haven't really picked up. Heck, even for filipino gamers, these locally made games haven't generated much heat.

Anyay, can't wait to check Boom Blox out.

Oh wait.. I don't have a Nintendo Wii...