19 October 2007

Gay Vatican Priest has detailed list

ROME -- A high profile Vatican cleric suspended after he was shown on television making advances to a young man allegedly had a list of homosexual priests and bishops in the Roman Catholic Church's governing body, Italy's Panorama weekly reported Friday.

Father Tommaso Stenico, 60, had "a detailed dossier" of all the homosexual clerics at Vatican "with a list of names and circumstances implicating a certain number of priests and even bishops working at the Curia," Ignazio Ingrao, reporter for the conservative news weekly said.
A detailed dossier? Hehehe.. wonder if this will be brought up on Sunday sermons the world over. Specially here in Philippine churches.

Don't forget that we have a Pope who wears Prada shoes and Gucci sunglasses. And he's not even Italian.

But then again, you should see some of our Philippine priests. Although I can imagine what a filipino pope would wear...