19 October 2007

Mall bomb blast kills 8, hurts more than 100

MANILA, Philippines -- The explosion that ripped through the Glorietta 2 Mall in Makati City early Friday afternoon, killing eight people and wounding more than a hundred others was caused by a “hard explosive,” mostly likely TNT or the military ordnance C4, police said...they have yet to determine whether the explosion was set off by a timer or triggered remotely by cellular phone, the signature attack of the Al-Qaeda linked Southeast Asian terror network Jemaah Islamiyah and the local Abu Sayyaf.

I expect that within the next few weeks, security in malls here in the Philippines would be tight. And that tomorrow, most malls would be a bit less crowded.

Seems the Ayala Corporation, who I think are the kings of spin when it comes to attacks to their malls, can't get away with this one now. Notice that when the news broke out, the word "bomb" wasn't used as prominently as now? Those guys over there remind me of that Mayor guy in the Steven Spielberg movie, Jaws, who kept denying there was a shark in the beach.

Obviously it's bad for business but then again, we're talking about public safety here. Grow a conscience, guys.