15 August 2007

Mall Day

I haven't had a Mall Day in ages!

By mall day, I meant just hang around a mall in one whole day with no other reason but to just waste time there. Oh, there is one other reason but.. hehehe...

Ironic to have a mall day since I'm still in my Kevin Smith mode from watching Clerks II, so now I'm just going thru my Mallrats phase. By the way, I'm still in fanboy heaven with that movie.

So.. where was I? Oh yeah.. Mall Day.

The Tiger and I went to Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, Philippines. It's this new upscale mall in the area. For a day, we were Mallrats!

Trinoma is a nice place. It's done by the Ayala corporation. And that being said, just like any Ayala mall, Trinoma's layout is downright confusing. Seemingly small alleys suddenly opens up to wider areas, Mall directories are hard to find, the overhead signs hardly help, etc. etc. It's a mall forager's dream.

And it was truly fun fun fun. From lunchtime to around 8pm, we had a really great time. We went in most of the shop just to see their wares. Me, being me, I always had a thing to say about each store. Good thing Tiger was there to balance off my sarcastic side.

I won't have second thoughts going back there and spending the day again. Of course, the highlight of the day was my 20 minute nap inside Starbucks with Tiger doing her work.

Points of note:

1. Most stores although big, aren't that well stocked. Maybe it's because the mall is in soft operation mode yet.
2. The Starbucks at the top level, although big and spacious has a real rowdy crowd. Better hang out at the Starbucks on the 3rd level, a more discreet and well behaved area.
3. There's this eerie store where you stuff your own umm... stuffed animals. Unstuffed furries resembles dead animals. Freaky.
4. The Apple store rocks! Although better wait for September when the new models come in.
5. McDonalds forever!
6. I like the movie seats! They recline and the armrests can go up.