14 August 2007

Clerks 2! Goodbye, Horses...

Those who know me umm.. know I keep talking about movies. Specially Kevin Smith movies like Chasing Amy(My absolute fave), Mallrats, and hehe.. CLERKS!

Well, I'm one year late but I got to watch Clerks II! And heck, it's great! I don't want to sound like a rabid fanboy here but dang, Mr. Smith just nailed it. I see aspects of my life in all his movies. Specially now with Clerks II. I know, it sounds sooo cheesy and cliche'.

Go see the trailer and if you do stumble upon the DVD, pick it up, you won't be disappointed. Really. And I mean, really, really.

Oh and that Jay parody of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs just takes the cake.

Can't wait for another ten years for Clerks III.. hehehe

And here's a treat. A clip of Randall, The Star Wars Geek, going head to head with Elias and another Lord of the Rings Geek. Absolutely hilarious. Check it out.