17 April 2006

I'll be on radio.... again...

I used to guest on a radio show on K-Lite regularly. It was called Twisted on a Sunday with Jessica Zafra.

Anyway, last Monday, my good friend, DJ Mo Twister called up and asked me to guest on his show. Since it was a last minute thing, I didn't have the chance to announce it here.

After the show, he asked me if I wanted to guest again this Monday. So, if all goes well, all you nightowls out there can tune in and see me make a fool of myself again. Mo's show is called Good Times and it starts at 9pm and ends at 12 midnight. I think I'll be on at the last half of the show.

What it's about? Well, those who know me ummm... know what it's about. But to the others? Well, just tune in and find out.

So, if you're in the Philippines and have a radio around (the only one I have is my car radio!) go check it out. Hopefully it comes out as well as it did last week. Else, just click the link and see if you can hear me online.