19 April 2006

How to Feng Shui your Car

Sprinkling crystals of sea salt inside your car and tying a blue ribbon around your satellite navigation may sound like unusual tips for improving your driving, but according to a the first ever report studying the feng shui of cars, these measures could improve the flow of energy in vehicles and help drivers alleviate the negative feelings which lead to road rage.

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has long been associated with buildings, but leading insurance broker for high net worth individuals, Aon Private Clients, commissioned internationally renowned feng shui expert Raymond Catchpole to conduct a unique examination of how feng shui affects cars and their drivers.

The Philippines is a feng shui crazy country. With this, expect a lot more blue cars coming out instead of red cars. Even I thought a red car is more feng shui compatible than any other color. But I do agree that Blue is a more appropriate feng shui car color.

No mention on what brand is more feng shui compatible? I mean, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan... Come to think of it, most if not all people here prefer the Honda. Me? I look at the payment plan first....