17 April 2006

Philippine president commutes ALL death sentence to life

Well, it seems that after the cheating, the stealing, the raping and the killings in the Philippines under her rule, she shows compassion... to rapists, kidnappers, killers, and their ilk.

Maybe she really empatizes with their kind, a sort of affinity with them, you think?

I assume now that her message is clear, we expect more kidnappings, stealing, killing, and rape to happen.

Look at the bright side, those old bishops over at the catholic church are all happy and elated over this. That'll preserve the numbers of catholics in this country. (i'm not saying all catholics are crim... oh you get my point, don't you?) The bad side? All those oh-so-feel good sermons to come praising The GMA, Well that's reason 1654 for not going to church for me.

I heard that by next year, all criminals are voting for an extended term for the GMA. She's the best thing to ever happen for criminals in jail... and, probably in my opinion, also out of jail...