08 February 2006


Ok this is an ego post so there's nothing to see here.

Just move along.. move along...

Still here? Oh well, I warned you. After this, you better whip up a spoon and start carving my heart out since you'll be thinking I'm so full of myself.

Why a spoon? Ask Alan Rickman.

Anyway, in the early nineties, I've been getting calls and comments from people who just saw Demi Moore's Indecent Proposal. The first thing they'll shout out is that there's this actor there who just talks like me. Acts like me. And looks like me.

And it's not Robert Redford or Woody Harrelson.

It's Oliver Platt.

Well, that was years ago, and I was flattered.

Now fast forward to now. Last month, it's the same thing. Calls and comments after watching King Kong. And no, I do not remind my friends of Andy Serkis. Although, I can do a mean Kong. Really.

Wait, i'm digressing again. Where was I? Oh yeah, now and Kong. Anyway, now, people say they remind me of Jack Black. Now that is so cool! It's so cool that I have mulled these past weeks whether to post it or not. For posterity you know. Jack Black. I'm not really a dead ringer. I'm miles from it. But people say it's how I talk and act that just gets them. Specially his role in King Kong...

Well, with no offense with old Jack. I feel like I know him now. Now, if only I can grow a beard. It's an Asian thing you know.

Oh and I wonder how close I was to being mistaken for Kong? I'd say pretty close.