09 February 2006

ABS-CBN asking stampede victims to sign waiver

TELEVISION network ABS-CBN has been asking victims of a deadly stampede on February 4 to sign a waiver in exchange for financial assistance, a top official of an anti-crime group revealed.

...This waiver states that they will receive a specific amount, but it also contained a paragraph that said that they would not file [a] suit against them...

Quoting the victims, Vizconde said the financial aid ranged from 5,000 pesos to 50,000 pesos.

So the plan here is to get money from ABS-CBN then sue them to get even more money from ABS-CBN.

I think the next step is to then go to government and ask for more money.

Dang! This is like winning in a game show!

You think there'll be a long line forming? Don't forget security measures.

I feel like listening to ABBA right now...