08 February 2006


Spiders are the most interesting animals ever! Join me while I explore the many qualities and types of spiders.
Spiders are often classified as insects but in fact they are not insects they are arachnids. Although spiders are not insects they are both part of the largest group of animals on this planet called arthropods. Arthropods are animals with hard external skeletons and jointed limbs. All
Arachnids heads and thorax are combined (cephalothorax). They have simple eyes, and jaws adapted for tearing or piercing prey. They each have a pair of pedipalps and eight walking legs. Spiders are the only arachnids that have special glands in their abdomen which produce silk

It's a Spider Blog! Who would have thunk...

Oh and the spider image is that of a Funnelweb spider. Go visit the blog to learn more about it and other arachnids. It's fun if you're not arachnaphobic.