13 February 2006

GILAS: Connecting Philippine Public Schools to the Net

The digital divide in the Philippines is unacceptably wide. Only about 6% of public schools have facilities that give students Internet training and access. Only 39% of the country's 5,443 public high schools have computer equipment platforms that can be wired to the Internet. In contrast, most Philippine private schools provide both access and formal training on the computers and internet-based research for their students...

GILAS aims to deliver

. Internet access for schools with computer labs
- Servers or routers, LAN cards, cables
- Provision of connectivity and unlimited free Internet usage for the first year
. 10 computers and Internet access for schools without computer equipment
. Basic training
- Training for teachers and administrators on networking and resource mobilization
- Formulation of basic curriculum and year-long lesson plan
. Maintenance
The current estimated cost of the project is USD 28 million (HKD 224 million). The current estimate of connecting schools that have existing computer labs is USD 2,000. For schools without computer labs, the estimated total cost is USD 6,000.

Let's all join hands and help out. We're sure to see the fruits of our kindness in a couple of years.

(via INQ7.net)