13 February 2006

Joey De Leon defends himself

After the Wowowee Tragedy that happened at ULTRA last week, Text messages came out saying that host, Joey De Leon, of rival noontime show Eat Bulaga made fun of the incident. He supposedly said that it's better to watch their show since no one dies there or something like that.

Talk about wagging the dog.

Well, he came out and defended himself. Very emotionally in fact. He never did anything close or similar to what he was accused of doing. And he did point out three things:

1. He does not present himself as a god who can ease poverty. (He also warned the viewers about self proclaimed "saviors", like that.)
2. There are no raffle tickets in Heaven.
3. People should really look at the reason behind the reason a lot of people where at the ULTRA that day. It would give them a better perspective on things.

Honestly, Joey De Leon is a real smart person. He is not presumptious, pompous or even boisterous. For people to pick on him to sway the attention from the Wowowee Tragedy is really really low.

Oh by the way, after praising Willie Revillame to high heavens, has ABS-CBN News air a report or segment clearing Joey De Leon?

But then again, what good would it do them? I mean, who would benefit most from this false accusation?

I'm just asking...