30 November 2005

Plinky Recto, General Jarque, and The Lawyer

Who knew?

I mean, my stats for yesterday went up 6 times! I had the biggest number of hits yesterday. The biggest! I should be taking pilates at this point.

All this because of the Plinky Recto and her ex-boyfriend brouhaha. General Jarque must be smiling today.

I never knew that many people want to know who Plinky Recto's ex-boyfriend is. Plinky Recto's case is supported by Gabriella. Let's hope it pushes thru to the end.

To think, in this site, Plinky Recto just trounced Chx Alcala. Of course, in my opinion, Plinky Recto is much sexier and prettier than Chx Alcala. It must be all that Pilates. I guess Plinky's ex-boyfriend thinks otherwise...

Did I hear someone shout cosmetic surgery?