28 November 2005

Plinky Recto's Ex-Boyfriend

"...This site is for those who want to follow her civil case against her [Plinky Recto] ex-partner whom she just mentioned in several interviews as a prominent lawyer, a very influential one...."
So I just got back from Tagaytay. And the first thing my mom asks me as soon as I got out the car is to look for Plinky Recto's boyfriend. Ooops.. sorry, Plinky Recto's ex-boyfriend who is supposed to be a very influential lawyer. I wonder if Plinky still does her Pilates classes amidst all of this.

So influential is Plinky's ex, he was allegedly one of the reasons General Jarque (who had that imigration snafu in Texas) joined the communists or something like that. Anyway for the clueless, Plinky Recto is a showbiz personality, Pilates instructor and sister of a Philippine Senator. She came out on The Buzz and said that she is filing a civil case against her ex-boyfriend-gangster-landgrabber for domestic violence. The so called Lawyer-gangster-landgrabber is also the father of Plinky Recto's one year old son.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this site that is monitoring the civil case. To those looking for clues on who Plinky Recto's ex-boyfriend is, look no further just click the link below. Read the message boards as Plinky's ex boyfriend is constantly mentioned there. Oh and here is Plinky Recto's Official Site although that site focuses more on her Pilates.

Oh and isn't it really weird that Plinky Recto has been under the limelight for so long and the moment she get's picked up by The Buzz, she's the content of conversation everywhere.

According to my mom, Plinky's ex-boyfriend is so influential that even Kris Aquino shut her usually big mouth. What's up with that? Maybe she needs Pilates lessons from Plinky...