28 November 2005

Cofibean: Make Poverty History

"...Disclaimer: Please don't make basa [read] my journal if you find this offensive. Go browse disneyland.com instead. Hope I made it clear. Now, if you still comment on my site, it only means one thing -- you are really one stupid bobo orc...."
Real funny site. If ever you want to imagine how well to do people talk and act in a third world country, mozy on here. Oh and yes, the Philippines is a third world country. I mean, look at the number of churches we have. Anyway. back to the site, it's satire, I think but you should see how some people just get into it and lambast the guy for calling call center employees "stupid bobo orcs" or how he just fired his katutubo [native] secretary for being stupid.

"...Starbucks is an evil corp so I think I need to change na. F@ck Starbs! They are crowded na by callcenter peeps that's been crowding makati na like cheap mushrooms. I hate them all, they are all sooo jologs [cheap]! I think I saw some of them crowding pa nga this ukay-ukay [bargain] store along Buendia right beside the katakot [scary] West of Ayala Building.

Hope they just all drop dead. They are crowding Makati na! It's like kadire na [yucky] to work here in Makati because of the callcenter skwakkwaks [squatters, poor ] hanging around...."

We filipinos are real sensitive when it comes to criticism about our culture, country, and people. Just reading thru the comments, you get to see how oversensitive we get when it comes to this.

Warning though, not for those who get easily offended.