30 November 2005

Magdaleno Peña - Plinky Recto's Alleged Ex Boyfriend

Here's some links from Plinky Recto Civil Case about her alleged ex boyfriend, Magdaleno Peña. First link explains the General Jarque connection.

Raps versus Jarque for spying dismissed
Urban Bank, Inc. vs. Magdaleno Peña : 145817 : November 13, 2002
Ex-general, wife held in US over NPA ties
Bishops, priests, laymen protest jarque harassment
General Jarque, Raymundo
Collector of antiques cries theft (cached content by Google)
Police intelligence officer defects to NPA
Bacolod councilors ask for campaign security
Jarque cleared of wraps

Need to know more about Magdaleno Peña? Click this. If the link is dead, use the cached one.

I guess Plinky Recto would be doing the round of talk shows now. Oprah Winfrey would be the best course though. Oh wait... Oprah is in the US.

It'll be Boy Abunda and his magic mirror then.

(via Plinky Recto Civil Case)