09 April 2005

Sand gets everywhere... and is abrasive...

Well, I'll be off to Boracay. I'll be there 'til Tuesday. Company Outing.

That means that you three regular readers will have to wait a couple of days for a new post or something.

This has been the weirdest week in a morbid kind of way. Since last Wednesday, I have had three relatives die! My wife's aunt, my dad's cousin, and my mom's brother. It is so freaky.

I tried not to go to Boracay but it seems it's a compulsory thing. I even got this, "You got to be kidding me that you don't want to go to Boracay for free" look. And I gave my boss that "I have three dead relatives and only have three hundred pesos to bring since you scheduled the trip BEFORE payday" look. His look won.

It'll be my first time to go there. I'm sure hijinks shall ensue.