12 April 2005

Back to Bach

After a three day vacation in Boracay, I'm back. And listening to Lara St. John's Bach: The Concerto Album. Lara is one hell of a beauty and a real mean violinist. People are fussing on her first album where she's naked on the cover but hey, that's marketing. And I don't really mind... Well, I do in a way since I can't find that album.

I really am into Bach. My favorite is the Brandenburg Concerto. That's my all time chill out on a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of music. Too bad someone borrowed that cd of mine and never returned it. It was one of a kind and I couldn't find that particular one anymore. And what's worse is I forgot the title. All I could remember is that it's the Toyata Classics version.

Where was I? Oh yeah.. Lara.... I'm telling you, after a real tiring trip just lie down and pump up this baby (no pun intended, well, just a teaspoon then...) and you're in a place in heaven reserved for pacifists. Whoa! I think I just saw Ghandi in dreadlocks.

The only thing that can top this is if World of Warcraft Philippines come's a knockin... Posted by Hello