22 April 2004


Got an email from Patty commenting on my Roco post. In fairness, she has a point. I was too rash in dishing out my opinions about the man.

Maybe, I'm buying in to the negative publicity of the competition. I'm a sucker for this.

Maybe, I'm too opinionated to think clearly. I wear my mind on my sleeve.

Maybe, I'm too judgemental on people. No one is good enough, smart enough, and it's hard to like them.

Maybe, I don't know enough about the person to comment about him. Never met him, talked to him, or waved hi to him.

Looking at the list, Roco may be the sane choice. But choosing the lesser of evils does not mean it's the right choice. As you see, I need a lot of convincing. I still have no choice for president.

I'm digressing. I still am waiting on the pronouncement of what he's medical condition is.