22 April 2004


I guess Gmail is already up and running. Got an invite to try out the service. So my new email address will be jobert at gmail.com.

Upon first inspection, the Gmail site looks ok. It's "Google simple". No fancy things on the page. Real simple and tight. Oh and get this:

"In most email systems, each time someone responds to one of your emails, that response appears as a new message in your inbox. With Gmail, all replies are grouped with the original message, creating a single conversation. For example, let's say that you're planning to go to dinner with three of your closest friends. You send them an email asking them to pick a restaurant. With Gmail, each of your friend's responses will be grouped with your original message, creating a single conversation in your inbox, providing you with context of the entire conversation and making your inbox easier to manage. In other email systems, each of your friend's responses would appear as a separate message in your inbox, forcing you to wade through unrelated messages instead of viewing all your dinner plan messages at once. When you open a message in a conversation, all of your messages will be stacked neatly on top of each other, like a deck of cards. We call this 'Conversation View.' In Conversation View, as a new message comes in, it is stacked on top of the ones that came before it, so that the newest message is the one that you see first...

Some comments though... in Gmail, I can't seem to make folders. Oh and it doesn't seem to have that number of new emails beside the regular folders. Haven't received or told people about my new gmail email address so I can't check with the search feature. But overall, the gmail service looks ok. I mean, gmail is email. Right?

Now, how would a 1 gigabyte email capacity change things? Wonder how the spam filter would be?


Found out why gmail doesn't have folders. They're called "labels".

Labels are like email folders, only better. By adding a label to a conversation, you get the benefits of folders. But Google takes the concept one step further. You can add multiple labels to a conversation -- something you can't do with folders. Once you've created a label, you can view all the conversations with that label by searching or by selecting the label in the navigation bar...

Oh and it takes nine months before a dormant account in Gmail gets deleted. Now I don't have to worry when my connection conks out.