22 April 2004

Gmail II

Well, it's been a day since I have been using Gmail. And I got to tell you, using Gmail is fun, really.

I finally got to test the Gmail "Conversation" process with my emails to Lylah. And it works. Think of it as chatting via email except that in Gmail, all the messages are stacked one on top of the other for easy referencing. No more ten emails going back and forth with those "Re:Re:Re:Re:" thingys. It's all just one email that Gmail conveniently files it in.

As for Labels, it does need a bit of getting used to but it's easier than making folders.

The Gmail search function is fun too. It's like googling but just in your emails.

All in all, the learning curve of Gmail is easy. Just a few minutes and a few emails in Gmail and you're off. Tess, my wife, saw it and immediately loved the "conversation" process. Too bad Google only gave me one Gmail account. Oh well, she just have to wait when the Gmail service goes public. Google hasn't mentioned when that will be.

I know this is overkill but I like it so much, I'll be using this as my priority email. It really is, truly is, fun. Take my word for it.

It's a bit hard getting used to not deleting emails. I mean, I am so used to automatically deleting emails to make space for the next ones. Now, I don't have to worry about it. Put into perspective, Yahoo has 6 MB, Hotmail has 10MB. GMail has 1000MB.

But I do have one itsy bitsy comment. A 10MB Cap on outgoing and incoming messages? I know hardly anyone sends a more than 10mb file but it has happened to me a few times. Those real heavy dbf or xls files easily hits 15mb.