22 April 2004


Got an email asking me what my top search terms are. Since this blog is set up more for people in the Philippines or want to know more about it. Here's the all time top 15.

1. filipino scientists
2. filipino authors
3. lala montelibano
4. famous filipino
5. famous people in the philippines
6. joy sumilang
7. filipino athletes
8. george estregan
9. famous places in the philippines
10. filipino heroes
11. friendster philippines
12. philippine movies
13. yellow cab pizza philippines
14. yahoo philippines
15. wow philippines

Now, if you notice, Lala Montelibano, Joy Sumilang, and George Estregan are in the top 10. These eighties porn stars (if I may call them that) are constantly in my search terms. To the uninitiated Lala Montelibano was 14 when she started doing skin flicks. SHe's our local version of Traci Lords. Joy Sumilang, said to be the daughter of an actor, was also really hot and popular. George Estregan (the brother of ex-President Joseph Estrada) was the local Ron Jeremy.

Why people are directed to my site for pictures of them, I do not know.

Well, for an update, Lala Montelibano recently was on a TV Soap, George Estregan is dead, and Joy Sumilang is MIA.