04 April 2004


"Where are you going?", my wife asks me.

"Oh, Malate. I have a Skyy Vodka event at Mamma's", I replied.

"Can I go?" she asks.

"Sure", I say.

And with that, wife accompanies husband.

Highlights of the night:

1. Wife is surprised that the husband knows a lot of people in Malate. From the bouncers, to the parking guys to the cigarette vendors.
2. Husband gets wife a little tipsy with ONE strawberry vodka amaretto cocktail at the bar. Husband jokes that he might take advantage of her in her present condition.
3. Husband is pissed because for the second straight week, a competitor has staged a lavish event in front of the bar.
4. Husband and wife had a quick snack at the Shawarma Center at R.Solis street. Not sure if wife noticed that husband also knows the waitresses there.
5. Husband and wife can't recall the last time they went out together.
6. Wife reminds husband to VISIT the newly opened KTV near the house. Husband makes mental note.
7. Husband reminds himself to regularly take wife out.