04 April 2004


I took down the poll site.

I do not know who to vote for president. It's really hard to decide. Think of the predicament as if we're in the middle of a snake pit with cobras and other venomous snakes. Surrounding the pit is an arid desert for miles and miles. I don't have any water with me. So given the situation, here's my take:

I would definitely not vote for GMA. It's like saying I'd rather hang out inside the snake pit and hope that the snakes get used to me since I have no water to bring with me when I cross the desert surrounding it.

I would not vote for FPJ. It's like getting out of the snake pit, and decide to open that bag of potato chips and walk the desert.

Roco is out my ballot. It's like kicking and agitating the snakes while still in the pit.

Ping? Well, let's put it this way... It's like commiting suicide since there is no hope for rescue whatsoever

Brother Eddie? Hmmm.... Well that's like leaving the pit and crossing the desert and hoping to God that my prayers to be saved be answered...

WHAT AM I SAYING?!!! Dang. Brother Eddie... Definitely not. Definitely not. He doesn't even look the part with his scrawny frame in a barong... No. No. No.

I'd rather sit this election out.