04 April 2004


We started a family tradition.

Last February was Lulu's birthday. Since it was her birthday, we let her plan everything that was to happen on that day. From where we were going, where we'll eat, what we'll do the whole day, etc. etc. And it's been agreed that no one will complain unless the budget does. And so, Lulu's plan went exactly as she ummm... planned it.

So, this holy week, I asked Gabbi to draw out what we'll be doing. Excited that she'll be the "Go out Master", she took out a piece of paper and wrote down the itenerary. Here it is (as written):

1. We will go to Blue Wave
2. Italian Restaurant (Lulu wanted Japanese but the "Go out Master" was Gabbi)
3. Then starbucks (THey get non caffeine drinks while I get to finally try that vanilla latte' I've been hearing about)
4. bring scooter. (Ack! This is a tough one but then again Gabbi is the "Go out master")
5. go to Manila zoo
6. then go to coastal mall (get dvds and stuff)
7. then afterwards we go home

I could see Lulu's eyes shine. I know she's planning something next time when she's the G.O.M. Should I be scared?