16 June 2003


My mind is a blank. It's probably this three-day weekend that just passed. MONDAY!!! Ack! Ack! Ack!


I planned a lot of things but none of it has come to pass, specially the ones I blogged before. Except returning the VHS tape I haven't done anything. This weekends are turning up to be useless periods where all one can do is sleep, bum around, do nothing and... ummmm.... I get it now...


Father's Day. Whoa. Had fun with the kids. Can't believe they're growing up. One day, I have to explain to Lulu what the fuss Lord of the Rings is about and next thing I know, she has a hidden crush on Elijah Wood. Was introducin Gabbi' to Aerosmith, Hootie, and U2 now she's composing songs such as Bite My World, We're Divided and I'm A Rock Star. They're only eight and five! They can surf the web, change my passwords (believe me, it's a hair pulling situation, found out some of my passwords were buttercup, puppy and gasp chiffon!), fill up my second harddrive with over 10gigs of captured images from DVD, etc., etc. They're like growing up right before my eyes. They even email me at work when their fighting. Can't wait for them to go to school and wonder why people there are using Internet Explorer and not Mozilla or Opera, Outlook Express instead of Mozilla Mail, and use Media Player instead of Musicmatch!

In two months, they'll be starting their own blog. Scary.


Okay, so Gabbi and Lulu also has the gift. I'm kind of happy. Their not aware that not everyone has it. I make sure that they treat it as a normal ability. It's just that it's amusing to watch other people's reaction when they start telling them things they 'see' and 'know'. For awhile it subsided but now, they're acting up again. Told them not to talk about it and by the looks of it, they don't say much about it anymore. Except for Tess. Whenever I'm out late, all she does is ask the two and voila! She knows where I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing...