31 October 2011

That's not a house. It's a tomb!

Cemeteries in the Philippines are undergoing a change. From simple stone crosses and markers, we are now looking at house like structures that even have airconditioning.

Are the dead in the Philippines living like the umm.. living?

Even the colors are not somber, they're festive. From yellow to sky blue hues, white is out, vibrant is in.

Tourists from all over, specially Koreans, visit Pila Memorial Park to see the structures and learn about the Philippine culture of honoring the dead.

Bernardo Relova Jr., 61, owner of the 1.5-hectare cemetery, said families began to combine colors for the tombs when modern-type houses of vibrant hues became popular in recent years.
“It has become a fad to design tombs like houses,” Relova said.
The Pila Memorial Park that Relova opened in 1986 lies between two other cemeteries—the Old Pila Public Cemetery built in 1957 and St. Anthony Memorial Park, a private cemetery that opened about a decade ago.
Source: Inquirer

No matter how its done, the Philippines respects its dead. Even our freedom is built on the bodies of fallen heroes. This new fad is just another way of expressing how we, as a culture, honor our departed loved ones.