28 October 2011

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Arroyo writes letter asking to leave, vows to come back

In a personal letter, former (Philippine) President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has appealed that she be allowed to seek medical treatment abroad on the promise that she would return...
Source: Inquirer

Remember when she promised that she wouldn't run for President in the Philippine presidential election in 2004 but she did anyway? So, how much is her promise worth?

Top bandit eludes troops

The enemies were gone by the time troops entered the Moro stronghold in Zamboanga Sibugay province... As the troops swept the enemy camp and cleared it of land mines and abandoned weapons, military officials declared victory in the operation which President Benigno Aquino III ordered on Monday against “lawless elements” after the October 18 massacre of 19 soldiers in Al-Barka, Basilan province.
“Yes (this is a victory) for us. It’s major because this is a big loss to them. Even if we are to say they are not completely decimated, they have broken up,” said Colonel Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr., head of the AFP’s public affairs office.
Source: Inquirer

So, they elude the troops. They found an abandoned camp. And it's a victory? We got owned by the rebels a week ago and with nothing really concrete happening, we suddenly declare victory? Dude, PNoy must be delirious as he is confused. Grow some balls, will you? We should be ashamed on how we disgrace the Philippine Armed Forces

Tesda to offer free training for 1,000 BPO near-hires

About 1,000 nearly hired applicants or near-hires in Cebu will get free training to prepare them for jobs in call centers and other outsourcing companies.
The program is an offshoot of a P5 million grant to the Cebu Education Development Foundation for Information Technology (CEDF-IT), said its executive director Jun Sa-a on Tuesday.
The program is expected to start before the end of the year.
Source: Inquirer

This is great news! Hope they did the due diligence for this and really propagated the info. Now if we can expand this to the rest of the Philippines