28 September 2011

World Record for Dragonboat team led by Filipino

LONG BEACH, California – The AeroDragons dragon boat team set a world record in open sea crossing last Saturday as they paddled 34.32 miles from Catalina Island to Long Beach in 5 hours and 39 minutes.

The team arrived at their final destination in Long Beach to loud cheers.

“It feels good especially because it’s the first time. We’re really excited for it,” said crew member Raymond Villegas.

...Norman Vera, another member of the team, said dragon boating is a perfect sport for the Filipinos, adding that the recent international victory of the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation team inspired them to pursue this challenge.

“Sa dragon boating, hindi mo kailangan na matangkad ka, di mo kailangan na masyadong built,” Vera said. “I think the Philippine government is not supporting, but in spite of those hindrances they still excelled in the competition.”
Source: ABS-CBN News

This is not the same dragonboat team that won last month. That was the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation team. The Aerodragons are basically a recreational team. Here's what the team bio says:
AeroDragons is a club devoted to the sport of dragon boat racing. We are a competitive recreational team, and we are a member team of the Southern California Dragon Boat Club (SCDBC). Our members are a diverse mix of The Aerospace Corporation and Los Angeles Air Force Base/Space and Missile Systems Center employees, military personnel, families and friends. We are sponsored by the AEA (Aerospace Employees Association). AeroDragons' purpose is to cultivate a deeper appreciation for Asian/Pacific and other cultural heritages through team building, recreation, friendship and fun.
Source: CDBA
I think we have found the sport we can truly excel and make a mark. First boxing, now dragon boat racing. Onwards and upwards!